Seedling "Flopped"

Hey guys. We were going fine til an hour or so ago. Little Miss Amnesia Haze Auto was only 3mm off hitting the lid of the mini greenhouse so I removed it. Just now I’ve walked into the room and found her flopped over like this! I’ve just given them all another little spray of water now and left the LED lights on. I didn’t think the lights could have done this. It’s a fairly low wattage LED light with 3 arms which I though would be good for beginning upstairs (MUCH bigger light downstairs). This light has like ZERO heat coming off it. As in, I put my hands on it and it’s cool to touch.

Could it just be that now without the cover all the moisture evaporated out of her peat pot? It’s a rainy day here today so plenty warm and humid in the bedroom where the ladies are getting ready for their big home.

Any help much appreciated!


Not a fan of those peat pellets, they’re either soaking wet or bone dry and those look soaking wet buddy. If it was me I would have them in a slightly bigger pot with an easier to manage soil volume. Fill around the stem up to the first set of leaves as well. As for the seedling you can prop her up for the short term, just be careful of her roots


Thanks for replying so fast @davyg. I had just resprayed them after I found her bent over like that then I took the picture. She was perfectly fine until I removed the plastic lid. Maybe that’s what was keeping the moisture content right? I’ve been careful to not over water them.

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The dome would be protecting her and keeping her hydrated. It’s always a tense time when you remove it. I use a combination of rapid rooter and a heated propagator to keep my babies in. The humidity is through the roof in there :sunglasses:.
I was browsing when you posted and stopped by to say hello :sunglasses:

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I’ve just made a makeshift new set up with two very tall plastic takeaway containers to create a base and dome and I’ve got the lights nearly touching the top of the dome part. Fingers crossed that makes her happier and I’ll see how she looks in the morning (Australia). I’m thinking I might be best to cut the netting of the peat pots tomorrow and put them all into their big girl pots in the potting mix I bought?

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Crisis averted! The makeshift new mini greenhouse plus that little spritz of water has fixed her - she’s not even leaning on her toothpick now.

Lesson learnt for next round. My plan will be seeds into cups of water til they split then into paper towel to let the tap root grow a little bit and then straight into their big-girl pots