Seedling fell over

Can anyone tell me if this seedling has died? I could see it starting to sprout yesterday, then when I woke up this morning, it must have fallen overnight. We had a very cold night last night and i woke up to it being 60 degrees with 80% humidity in my tent. I have no idea why the temperature is so off. This is a green crack auto. Man I hope she didn’t get “damped off”. I use HP Pro mix soil.

It may be damping off. An infection of the stem due to overwatering. See if she pulls through I. The next couple of days, but she may be a loss.

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I would wait a few days before giving up.

Get yourself a 24 true watt cfl 5400k and put it a couple inches above seedlings and see what happens

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Thanks. I hope she pulls through, I moved her to my main grow area. I only used my tent cause I have a plant that will be ready to harvest in a few days in my main grow area and I didn’t want to put my seedling in the same room. I can monitor the temperature much better in there. I mean last night before I went to bed, I could barely see her she coming up, then this morning I woke up to her having fell over, overnight

May try and put a little soil over it. Looks like the tap root popped out of the soil. Just had one do this. I buried it again and she’s alive and kicking.


Doesn’t look like it fell over, just looks as if its coming outta soil. You should be good. Looks like you may need to help get seed shell off


I just checked on her again, and she fell over again. It’s an auto, so I don’t want to keep touching it and make it worse. Should I let her go and see if she grows or should I stand her up again?

Last night before I went to bed, I could barely see the shell coming out of the soil, This morning when I woke up, it sprouted and was laying flat in the soil. I stood it up a little bit in those first two pictures, thats why it doesn’t look like it fell over.

Looks like @Bobbydigital was right. Looks like tap root is out. Gently add soil around it and help in stand

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Alright. I put soul around it and propped it up as best I could. This is what she looks like.


Sweet. Now mist the inside of a clear solo cup and put it over the seedling.


Ok I just did that. Thanks for the advice man. It still hasn’t had any upward growth yet. Hopefully this will rejuvenate her haha.

You should be fine. I knocked over a solo cup with a Seedling in it … I picked up the dirt, put the seedling back in the cup and covered it up and it turned out fine.

i would spray a plastic cups & put it over the seedling to raise humidity. i leave my solo cups over seedling for a week. but dont forget to poke holes in cup so plant doesn’t suffocate

@rvf239 i lost 2 Black widow seedlings because the nutrients were to much for them they burnt out… :sob: i have also lost a couple to the lights being too hot.

Ahh yeah. Shit is devastating man. I woke up this morning to no new growth and my tap root turned straight brown. No clue what happened.

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These bitches are sensitive. The littlest mistake pretty much screws you.

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What is your humidity level at? for seedling Humidity should be kind of high so seedling can process threw germination. thats why i suggested the solo cup over the seedling method.

It’s been consistently between 60-70%. I tried a different seedbank and the quality of seeds are terrible. I love ILGM, but they jacked prices so high over the last few years. Tough to afford seeds

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