Seedling Fail - What Happened?

This sour diesel autoflower sprouted 13 days ago, and this is what it looks like today. I kept the Jiffy pod moist, sprouted it under a plastic humidity dome, and used a 15 W CFL a few inches away for the first week or so. The room was always 70-78 deg F. It was slow to grow leaves so I moved it into my tent here recently under a dedicated 75 W COB LED light to try to save it. She is still standing tall, but no new leaves. I would like to avoid this from happening again, but admit I am at a loss as to what the problem was with this one. Any thoughts to contribute to my post-mortem would be greatly appreciated. Happy New Year.

Plant it now.
Life in a jiffy pod should only be a day or two at most.
It wont grow until the roots expand


Thank you, Spiney. Ya I haven’t moved it since there was no leaf growth. I wonder if I might be better off germinating a new seed since this one is off to such a slow start. The cotyledon leaves are dried up at the ends if that tells you anything further about what happened. My previous 4 apotforpot grows all had a full 3rd set of leaves at this point.

If you do another seed try this method:

Using a coffee mug, fill half full of distilled/R/O water and 1/2 tsp of 3% peroxide. Seed goes in and cup goes in a warm dark place (I use the cable box). When seed cracks, place in a red Solo cup of coco or Promix soilless. Use a clear Solo cup as a dome and don’t forget to poke a gajillion holes in the red cup. Place seed, add maybe a tablespoon of distilled water, mist the dome with an atomizer and cover under 24/0 lights, hold at 76 to 78F. The only watering done is to mist the dome. Once seedling breaks ground it will derive all of it’s moisture through the leaves until a taproot forms (about 12 days). Once transplanted into larger pot/media will dictate whether plant is fed or simply watered.


How many is a gajillion :crazy_face:. When I was a kid I always wanted to be a kerbillonaire. (Never happened)


Thank you, and I will try your approach. I’m still trying to decide whether or not to pitch this seedling. The stem looks strong, and it has not stretched any further than the other 5 successful sprouts I’ve raised. I’d hate to be nursing alomg a stunted plant if I could instead have a healthier one, albeit a couple weeks younger. If I’m overreacting, I’ll keep her.

Put her in whatever media your going to use, make sure to cut the protective layer off that’s around the jiffy, this will make it easier for the roots to stretch smoothly, ajust your lights for vegging a seedling if it has that capability :sunglasses:

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