Seedling/Early Veg 1st leaves curling on edges

Good day, I took a look at my Banana Kush Auto this morning and notice an odd curling on the first two leaves. They don’t look discolored, just curling along the edges downward.

Any suggestions on what this is? Is it a potential issue?

I check the pH every other day and have adjusted it down the last two times from near 7 back to 5.8-6.

I’m using General Hydroponics FloraTrio (light mix). I replaced the nutes last Wednesday .

I did also just move the lights up, 200W LED, and moved the blower outside of the tent for better light distribution.


It could be a little shock from the ph adjustment. Somebody who hydros will stop in shortly. Ive had leaves do quirky things like that. As long as the new growth looks good, youre as good as gold.


Ph ralated or excess nutrients can cause this sometimes.

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Thank you @ChittyChittyBangin and @1HappyPappy for your feedback. I have been having to adjust the pH down every other day for the last week.

I changed out the nutes today and started at a low 5.89 this time, vs last I think I was a little above 6 after my nutes went in.