Seedling donot grow

My seedlings do not grow
This plant has been around for three weeks
The leaves are yellow and strange

They look way too wet. How often are you watering? Seedlings take most of their moisture through their leaves. Back off on the watering let the soil dry out.


Because I gave fresh water
I usually water when the soil surface is dry

How much water and how often? I agree, looks pretty wet

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Give it another week and see if you have any growth. First 2-3 weeks after they break ground is root development. You might not see a lot of growth until it has established a good root system. Then it will explode with growth


Also fill out a support ticket. Plenty of grow geniuses here that can read your info and answers or pointers

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I water every 4 days
100cc size

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green houses AMS

Seems to be reasonable, not sure why they look so wet then.

What’s the Temp and Humidity? 1st pic looks like 29C