Seedling doesn't seem like it's growing bigger

Over 70 should be fine

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I also have been experiencing slow growth. Altho I started in a grow cabinet that didn’t pan out too well. It is a white widow auto. Now I am in soil with it. Humidity is such a struggle in a cold dry garage

Mine have started growing again! I’m going to be on edge the entire grow but at least they’re starting to get a little bigger, finally.

I transferred into an old flower pot with fox farm. I have got myself a humidifier now too. I believe this has improved my plant. Looks better. I started her and she came up on Jan 9. But looks waaaaay small compared to others I have seen on here. Honestly I figured I screwed up, but am trying to salvage what I can

I am in the same boat. I am sure there was something I did wrong, but I still feel like it will yield SOMETHING. Update on my growth, it is getting a bit longer, but I am not seeing any leaves or anything. I water with nutes once a week and run about a quart of water once every two days. I check the moisture levels before I water and wait until it is on the low side of moist. I will continue to keep my eye on things!

One thing I did, which I am not too clear on the process, is the point of putting the seed inside of a cup, letting it grow for a few weeks, then transplanting. So what I did was, I bypassed the transplant part. I just planted it in it’s final hope (2 - 3 gallon tub) so I wonder if that is stunting it’s growth?

I hear a lot of folks on here say fox farms ocean forest is to hot for seedlings. If that is what u r using

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Mine aren’t growing either and one of 2 is struggling.

I am using fox farm D: I guess I have sort of a conundrum. I don’t have the best soil around my yard area and I like the idea of using as much organic as possible. I heard FF is some of the best, but also heard it is heavily nuted. I wonder if I could possibly flush a LOT of water through FF before planting so as to rinse the nutes out. Not even sure if it works that way hah.

What’s the temp in your room same thing no growth raised temp to 90 leaf temp 75 u can see the difference in my grow journal it was a mistake I hit the temp control on my little heater came back next day opened the tent the heat hit me in the face I said o crap looked at the plants they were noticeably bigger

My tent is in a range of 50 to 75. It’s in the garage, should I add a heater?

after 20 days and no real growth i would trash that ‘seedling’ and start over.
get a small bag of seed starting mix with no slow release fert’s in it and start new seed.!!
this time after they pop up let the ‘soil’ dry between waterings.!

that won’t work, the fert’s in FF r slow release, it’d take a month of flushing.!


I would Lowe’s 14.00 temp control on it.i kept min at 75 the leaf temp was like 60 no growth if you try it fan on low temp control just about half way. I uned FF u sound like me two mouths ago all the same things going onplant wet all the time not growing worried about ph ppm soil being to hot flushed did it all new lights my journal is 2x4x60 grow I’m using nutes in my watering now it going so good now

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I would get a small heater. I’m also growing in the garage and added a small heater with a switch that only turns heater on when temps reach a certain degree.


@SlowOldGuy That must have been my problem, the watering. In my mind, the plant needs a constant supply of water, but halfway down in the soil most be very damp where as the top is very lightly damp :confused: I think I have about 4 more days to start seeing leaves, but we will see…hopefully the little guy is still hanging on. With that being said, if it is dead, that can be a good learning experience to look at how the root system is.

With your description, I can absolutely see WHY it is smart to use a small cup to start the seedling in.

your problems started when the seed shell got left on the cotyledons for so long,
then over-watering a little did not help, now she is not worth tending to,
a new seed planted now will out grow your current, abused ‘seedling’.!

like u said, chalk it up as a learning experience and start over.!!

Seedlings don’t need much. No nutes required for the first couple weeks. Medium should just be slightly damp, nowhere near wet. Less is always more for nutes and water.


Holy balls, I can see what you mean about “knowing” when a seed will grow or when it is dead. I started germinating a new seed in the morning of the first, since then I have seen incredible taproot growth and now, this morning, leaves have started popping out of the soil. I mean, in four days, this new seed has done more than the other seed has done in two week. The shell also was easily removed from the taproot. NOW I know what a health seed should look like. Thank you all again for the info and assistance. Fingers crossed for a smooth growth!

Also, I picked up some organic seedling starter mix, from walmart nonetheless. Seems to be working very well.

I hate to beat a dead horse, but I am still a bit nervous about watering. I have a little mister that I just mist the leaves once a night (it sprays very little water, just enough to give it some water). Should I not even spray the water on him?


now that she is up and growing let the potting mix dry out almost completely,
judge this either by lifting the pot, when it feels empty it needs watered, or…
use a $20 moisture meter, only watering when it reads nearly on the dry mark.

when the mix is ready saturate it thoroughly and then let it get dry before watering again.!
this is flood to drought watering and keeps the roots, plant, and grower happy.!!

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@beekeeper was wondering what heater you are using in your garage? Need something with low wattage that I can control with my Inkbird. Thanks
I added you also to post about a heater I was looking at

Lasko model 100 works perfectly!

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