Seedling Dead now it’s a Surprise grow

Soooo back on April 29th I started 3 mystery seeds, all 3 germinated and all three were transplanted into (no clue at the time) Miracle Grow soil. Two seemed to be doing ok at the time but one little one turned very pale and looked dead, so I said a few words and ditched her over the side of my deck…
Here we are 4 weeks later and am out back weeding the beds getting ready for any outdoor transplants and what did I find??? Lookie here lol It lives!!!


That’s cool as hell man. Miracle grow is the devil’s mix.


This is the stuff dreams are made of!!

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Out of likes as usual, but what a story.

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@RoDeezyDoe thanks man, its crazy because we are often told that MG is amazing, when it really is
terrible for plants. I found this website because of the dead but now alive seedling. Went from no clue what I was doing to having six stable healthy looking seedlings and now three healthy Mystery ladies. going to be a great grow season.


come October hopefully she produces what dreams my come

@Cannacure thank you, from tragedy comes victory. I shall call her “Phoenix” lol

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Looks good. But i am clueless about outdoor plants.

@RoDeezyDoe it’s fairly simple, your at the mercy of the weather patterns! But watering and nutes are the same, actually find it easier because makes it hard to over water as the surrounding earth soaks it all up. We will see, it all new to me too, I am learning as we go, I keep both a written journal of temps, pH and growth and a photo journal here so I can soak in all the amazing grow talent here.

@retiredTHC, hows this going!?!?

@scylents Funny you should ask as I was just checking on her this morning, she is loving out side, wish I would have originally dump her out in a more sunny spot , appears to be stretching a bit, but besides adding 209 systemic pest control, she has grown all by her lonesome.


Yep, she’ll thrive in her own way. :heart_eyes:

So checking in on our miracle plant, she has grown so much in the last few days, however I gave her a gal of 6.2pH water with 3ml of Cal-Mag and today I am seeing this on her leaves just two days later. Is this a sign of too much or not enough?

Tagging those who may have a better idea :bulb: this is a outdoor in the found wild grown.

@Hellraiser @SKORPION @Myfriendis410

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Looks like a spot of moisture that got a bit of sunlight and sunburned a couple of leaves. That’s all.


Yep, what he said.

Topped the outdoor “Phoenix” White Rhino today, also worked in a bit of LST as she is approaching 3ft. The LST moved her a bit further out into the sun too, hopefully she will start to branch out and stay around 4 feet and bushy.

Weekly Watering with 1 Gal of 6.2 pH 5mil/gal FF grow big, 5ml/gal SNS-209 PPM in 1367

here she is:

Here is the top I cut off today, not sure if those are balls or not. Thoughts?

@Myfriendis410 thank you for your input, looks like that was exactly it! Whats your take on the post above? male or female?

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No sign of sexual differentiation yet.

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@Myfriendis410 thank you

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Mentors rule.

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