Seedling cotyledon leaves yellow

I’ve read that this is normal to happen but it has happened too early on my seedling, any suggestions to why they may of turned yellow so fast?

They are kinda like food for the seedling. Once they turn yellow, it’s up to You to raise it now. But go easy on the nutes

I only got veg stage nutes dunno if it will handle it when it’s that small

You in soil?

Yeah i’m using this

Well @Rhodes
That is coco. Look @Hellraiser post for all coco info

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Sprout is hungry, need to feed right away in coco as coco has zero nutes in it.

See my coco grow journal


I have GreenDream veg stage nutes can i feed it that ?

Sure, but you’re gonna need some calmag as well as coco is very hungry for calcium and magnesium.

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Are you sure it’s gonna be able to handle all the nutes ? it’s pretty small but i planted it on the 1/17/21, it must of been going so slow because the coco has 0 nutes in it for it.

Also the soil i’m using which is Bio Diesel max air coco perlite blend, Has already been washed and buffered with Calmag

Have you looked up the feeding schedule for your nutes? Is there a dosage for seedlings? If so follow that or start with a little less if you like.

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Here I got it for you, check the seedling dose, I ran this nute calculator for 4 liters to make it easy to determine how much ml per gallon. Buffered with Calmag is good, but it’s not once and done, will need to continue to add calmag for most of the grow unless those nutes have a large amount of calcium and magnesium.

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Thanks heaps, Similar to what it says on the bottle itself, 3-5ml per litre, yesterday i mixed about 3.5ml with 1.25 litres of water with a ph of 6.5.
Then watered it with that. Looks healthy today but do you know how long the nutrients will take to kick in?
It’s purple haze fem strain and it’s about 2 and a half weeks old and it’s very small for its age, it’s had 24:0 light so pretty wack if u ask me.

Takes a few days to see results from nutes but just keep on the right path and she’ll look better every day.

Any reason for the 6.5 ph? I use 5.8 ph for my coco grows.

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Yeah sweet i’ll let you know how it’s going!
When i mix the ph is always stable at 6.5 i don’t need to use any ph up or down, so i haven’t seen any reason to change it. Just heard 6.5 is fine.

Also, how often should i feed nutes for a seedling?
every second watering or something like that?

I feed every watering at 5.8 ph which is the sweet spot for coco. 6.5 is the sweet spot for peat based potting soils, not so much for coco.


Alright sweet i’ll change that up when i water next.
Thanks heaps for your help, i also checked out your coco grow journal, man those plants flew!

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No problem, happy growing!