Seedling concern

Hello, my seeds have been in peace pod starter for 5 days now with no signs. I soaked then until pop, then used ther ppt method until I saw tap root starting to show, then tothe pods. My led is at 18", should I lower? Is this even cause for concern right now?

5 days in pods AFTER getting a tap root is a tiny bit concerning. 18" is a little close how’s the moisture are they drying out at all…

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Did you squeeze out the excess water from the pods? They look soaking wet. Agree on the light height. Would start at a minimum of 24”. I typically start at 32” and lower it only if I see stretch.

Not drying out at all. I didn’t squeeze out any moisture @Bobbydigital. I don’t leave any standing water around the pod. I guess I will raise the light some.

They could be drowning if the excess water wasn’t squeezed out. They should be damp, not wet.

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Ok, I’ll double check them, but they were never soaking wet. I didn’t even cover them with water when i rehydrated the pods.

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I don’t use pellets but I’d soak up" whatever Bobby suggests, he’s a ringer … LoL that’s a play on words get it…hold my joint… oh btw welcome to Weedsville not met ya before! Stick around and soak up the education

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Gotcha, thank ya!

@Bobbydigital is there anything else I should do at this point?


@Mosaicmind9x this is what the pods should look like. The plant doesn’t need much water at all. When they do surface, place a clear dome over them. They’ll pull their moisture from the humidity instead of the pod.

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You could scrape off the top soil to access the sprouted seed, carefully remove and replant in a pod that has every drop squeezed out of it.

Cool, thanks

Ok, I was thinking about cutting it open side ways to look at actual progress, do you recommend transplanting top new pods no matter?

You can remove it and squeeze the water out of the current ones. It’d just be easier moving to new ones because you’d be handling the sprout less.

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Ok, just got home and checked. The pods really aren’t wet at all.

That looks better than the first pic but still pretty saturated.