Seedling comparison: April 2022 vs September 2022

I guess less is more. In April, I started the Hero Pack. This is how they looked at day 10, smaller plants (I count when they first pop from the soil). I did the pack again, but only popped Black Widow and Skywalker OG. This is them at day 9 (9/26). Both times they popped by soil/dome/heat pad/light. The few differences:

April: Seeds soaked in water 24 hours, planted in Happy Frog/Mycorrhizal Fungi under 40% light the next day. Plants were at 20 inch distance. They popped 3 days later. I did very, very light nutes from the technaflora success kit at day 7 ish.

September: Planted seeds directly in Happy Frog/Mycorrhizal Fungi. They were under 100% light (same ones) but at a 25 inch distance. They popped in 3 days. No nutes, just water. They are almost ready to transplant, but its too early at day 9.

They’ll go in 7 gallon pots, scrog method