Seedling colors

Hey guys just want to see if anyone had this kind of colors and what that means

What soil are you using (brand and type,) or is that coco?


That’s coco and I just flush them

Okay. It looks like deficiencies, nitrogen in particular though other deficiencies are also possible. Coco is an inert grow medium (meaning no stored nutrients.) You should be feeding every day with a balanced cannabis fertilizer and shooting for a runoff PPM of ~1,000.


Thanks bro
And do you think I should make diy CO2 For my plant so they’ll be healthier

CO2 requires very specific environmental conditions that hobby growers have a hard time replicating. You need very high PPFD levels. If your PPFD isn’t above 1,200 µmol/j/m2/second then the CO2 is wasted. You need to run high partial pressures of CO2 (to where it’s potentially harmful for a person to be in the same space for very long) in a closed loop system, and you need to be able to push very high nutrient levels and also run higher temperatures.

CO2 is a waste of time and money for the average grower. CO2 can be dangerous. We have a forum member here who lost a friend to CO2 poisoning from his grow space.


Tanks for the help
Damn is that so dangerous ?
I’m talking about a 1liter bottle that I’ll put yeast and sugar in it

I have a grow tent that 2x2
In my room and that a very small tent

CO2 bags simply don’t deliver a meaningful amount of CO2 and is a waste of time and money.