Seedling care and growth

how many hours of light should I keep it at this point?

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A seedling can do 24 hrs of light. I’d recommend getting her use to a dark period. 18/6 I’d say

Need to know type of plant,how old, type of light. The more information you give the better your answers will be.

Just wondering about the soil? I read your posts in the other chain, and you are worried about the brown leaves suddenly emerging.I know some soil can be too strong for babies. You don’t want t give them nutrition yet either. just a little spritz of water on the soil too, not to soak it.


18/6 is the starting point a lot of grower use for veg @Bluedream_45
I and a few other no longer use it tho
We are using a 14/10 light schedule for veg
Which is closer to natural light pattern
But 18/6 will work for you
Since it’s your first grow I would say go with 18/6 and when you have more experience you can experiment with other things
Sorry for delayed response busy busy
Happy growing and if I can help you further just tag me y putting the @ symbol in front of user name


I’m still concerned about the leaf, I don’t know if it’s a root problem or something, the soil I’m using is Hyponex by scotts potting soil. , I’m sure is not the best for mj but I thought I give it a try.

I haven’t given them any nutes or any just water and light. And thanks for helping T.

Thanks man, I’ll do that. I just see that the plant is growing every day just fine, bit that one leaf is bothering with the color.

What do you think of the leaf now? It’s gotten a little worse like it’s dying.