Seedling and sapling problem

Please diagnose the shit out of these plants. The second plant with the yellowing leaves, i’d like to add also started to get brown tips at the top, so i change out the nutrients with a much less stronger solution.

Your light is really weak it’s going to have to be very close and you’ll need more lighting to grow a bigger plant & flower it.

What is thst setup exactly?

The lower leaf is showing magnesium deficiency

Is there fans on these plants giving them a breeze?

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Do you have a PH pen and a tds pen?
To test your water? If not you’ll need them.
And ph up/down

Adjusting your water to 6.5 ph after tap water sits out to allow chlorine to evaporate for 24hr

Curious what your thoughts on the fan breeze?

What’s the :thermometer: of your res? Flow? pH? Tds? Look at the roots?

If you’re pumping that much uphill without a chiller I bet the idea I see that you’re probably making slime is legit. Inspect your res.

The lights are around 150W and 2000W (i doubt it).

For the bigger plant, i got no water chiller atm, yes the roots are slimy and weak AF. Currently its a 5 gallon bucket with a bubbler in it.

There is a fan running a breeze.

I keep my PH below 6, when i say below 6 i meam sometimes i let it go down to 4.5 and then it starts drifting upwards (gives me a day or two till i have to readjust).

Im not pumping anything, its a non-tempcontrolled 5 gal bucket with a airstone in it.

TDS = 50 ( I got knock off nutrients, trying to make do)

PH 4.5 to 6 (It drifts alot)

I don’t know much about hydroponics but thought the water needed to keep moving more than that for a full grow. Unless you change it out regularly. And tds 50 of what? Ppm? Ppb? If it’s ppm that’s way too little. Of it’s ppb that’s way too much. You’d be aiming for closer to 800ppm or 8ppb at this point.