Seedling advice

First picture is fruit spirit 1 week old and second is ice 1 week old no serrated leaves as of yet been under low watt cfls until today when I put them under 600w with oscillating tower fan lights are 5 foot above planta

Better picture of fruit spirit couples of inches tall same serrated leaves on this one it’s my first hydroponic grow leaves look healthy so far

600w HPS? If so, watch your temps and soil moisture. I cooked my fist two seedlings and had to start over.

Yeah mate hps lights are over 5 foot away from plants and got a tower fan oscillating in the tent with intake vents off slightly praying leaves no curling and discoloration though

Seems to be a decent temperature floor level as the area I have the two in is cool to touch and for the other sides left and right they are clearly the hot spots

If you just went to a higher powered light itll probably take your plant a little but to catch on. It looks like its doing fine. Just pay attention to it, make sure your ph is correct, and itll start growing like a weed before no time.

Lets get some close up pictures with flash. Its hard to see with your tent light.

Ph is around 6.0 - 6.3 COCO COIR they were under cfls up until earlier then decided that the ice could possibly benefit from the 600w

Ok mate 5 mins

They look perfect for the age. Ill tag a couple of people who have really helped me out.
@Zee @anon89489555 @GST93 @scylents.

Im sure there are some coco people who will chime in as well. Im using coco loco which is a mix of coco and soil. 6.3-6.5 ph works for me.


I would say that as long as the soil is moist, lights and temp are good, just leave it alone. Not much to fuss about for the first 2-3 weeks from seed since the medium should be damp upon planting and last it for a while.

Just keep monitoring it, and once that second node breaks ground, you’re good to stop worrying :crazy_face:


Does your ballast not have a dimming function? Could get by on much less wattage for now, like 250 watts.

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No I’m afraid not my ballast is a 600w lumii magnetic with a lumenlite dual spectrum 600w I’ve put them back under 11w and 14w cfls got three 24 watts coming two of which I’ll be using if I can I’d veg with them until plant matures and part climatises then I’d go from there any advice/input would be appreciated first solo grow first time in coco coir ph is right as for the ice it seems to be stunted or could this be due to its height which is a maximum of 120cm?


If you are worried about your light being too bright then raise it up. The led i use recommended a 20 in hang height but i set it at 30 for my seedlings then lowered it down bit by bit until you find that happy place your plants love.

Its all a bunch of experimentation to me, im no pro, but i learn as i go.