Seeding problems! Poor Loretta!

It wouldn’t hurt but it’s basically epsom salt and a little sugar.


Magnesium (Mg)


1.6% Water Soluble Magnesium (Mg)

Sulfur (S)



Magnesium Sulfate (which is epsom salt)


2% Cane Sugar (microbe food).

Yeah, it was one of seven bottles or some crazy thing. I also have molasses in the house, would that be better?

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Epsom salt is good for plants and so is sugar, should help pep them up a bit, might as well use it since you have it. Molasses is good as well.

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Thank you very much!

Happy day before Thanksgiving! I’ll be in the kitchen most of today and tomorrow. Less time to fret over my girl, but fortunately she hasn’t been giving me any worries this week.

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Wow, nice, she’s growing so fast!

She’s an ILGM LSD auto?

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Yes she is! She’s doing well. The leaves on her second set are as wide as both of my thumbs put together.

Fiz first grow

Finally putting a link to my journal.

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Cool, thanks! I’d like to track her progress.

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Well! I am a proud mommy tonight - on day 16, Lucy proved she is indeed a girl.

She also drank 3 oz of her water since last night! She’ll need more first thing tomorrow. I feel pretty sure that Friday is transplant day - I’ll be too busy tomorrow to take my time with the process. It’s too important to rush.

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Oh, and her stem is peeling. I decided to look it up before having a heart attack, and apparently this is something they do. Considering how thick her stem is growing, I’m not surprised.

Of all the types of plants I’ve cared for, this one is surely the most interesting.

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11/26 day 18 A big day! I found Lucy to be bone dry this afternoon, so time to transplant. Added Mykos to the hole, lightly misted the soil in the cup - it has tons of coco so it’s super crumbly - and carefully cut her cup

away. She had a very dense root ball which is great, and the transfer went flawlessly. Don’t know how, my hands were shaking! :flushed:

Then 1/2 gal 6.5 water with 3 ml Sugar Daddy and 1 ml Root 66. Let her drain, she returned an ounce or two. And so back to the tent, had to adjust light intensity to get her back to 25 DLI.

Thank you again @Hellraiser for your meticulous journal. I am following step by step, and I believe we are well on our way.


:clap: :grinning: Cool!

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Yeah it’s normal for the skin to peel off as the stem gets thicker.

Looking good!

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Checked up on her before bedtime, as usual, and she’s kind of pissed off at me. Under the circumstances I understand.

Though I have to say I’ve never had a smoother transplant, I plant flowers I buy at Home Depot every spring and lord knows some of those went really rough and the plant was ok.

I’m going to trust she’s just sulking a bit. I’ll let her sleep on it and see her in the morning.


Yeah, she’ll perk up by morning. My vegging indica folds up like a (green) bat at bedtime. :bat:

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Yeah, she feels better this morning. Moving is never easy for teenagers… She must be one since she has gotten a wee bit smelly. :grin: :laughing:

I suspect she will be happy in her new home.


If Loretta is an auto flower, wont she just try to flower after 5 weeks regardless of her size? Maybe you can be the first to grow micro-mini buds. :))

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If she ever puts out a third set of leaves, I’ll let you know! :wink: She is somehow clinging to life.

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Pretty much yes. She’ll decide to flower when she’s ready :joy:

My pride and joy very first ever pot plant was an auto flowering Gelato. She grew to be a whopping 12 inches tall and yielded a grand total of 0.65 ounces. :rofl::rofl::rofl: the buds were good but it lasted about three days.