Seedbanks for Autos

Hello all i am making another thread to ask about seedbanks and breeders for recommendations looking to grow more quality autos and some photos i have multiple seeds here from ILGM wondering if anyone knows any others

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North Atlantic Seed company.
They have a wide verity of photo, and auto seeds. Awesome customer service, normally have deals going, I highly recommend.

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Thank you i will add them to my list of banks i want to try

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Attitude Seed bank is probably the largest Seed bank in the World. They have wonderful promotions.

Now if you want Regular Landrace strains The Real Seed Company.

I tried a new seed bank that I never used before because they have the one strain that is my favorite of all time. Pacific Sees Bank…:+1::+1::+1:


Thank you i will check those both anyone try seedsman?

Seedsman is a legitimate seedbank but they take a really long time to get orders out. They also nickel and dime you, so factor an additional $30 into each order. They [seedsman] deliver, and they have a broad selection, but boy do I like ILGM more.


Thank you im trying to gather as much info as i can kinda wanna build a good variety of genetics i would love to try i have tried ILGM and MSNL so far they both delivered i am liking ILGM over them because of the shipping time still waiting on my grow to test out the genetics from each

I too have used Seedsman. I would recommend them.

Attitude has a ton of Autos. I have ordered through them
more times than I care to remember. One order I had buy 5 seeds and get 11 free. They accidentally shorted me 3 seeds. I wrote them an email and they wanted a picture of the seeds in that small bag. They sent me 8 of the same strain…free shipment.

Now I have had a order be hung up in Chicago. I contacted our town Post Office. She had no clue where it was as it shows it left Chicago May 4th. They are resending my whole order since I paid for guaranteed shipment. They have my loyalty as they sell name brand seed companies like G13 Labs for example.

They sell Seedsman but only 3 strains in stock. and

FYI, it’s against the TOS to link to other commercial sites except ILGM, Amazon, and the select list of sponsors. You can mention seedbanks by name, but you aren’t supposed to post links.

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My bad thank you for saying something. Kinda ridiculous that you can post an link for Amazon a big corporation, but can’t post an link to an little guy…hmmmm. Thank you all the same

Its just the rules. They don’t sell the strains I want and need. So I have to go elsewhere.

Gotcha, I can get with that. I didn’t even read the rules to be honest. But, I like this place so I will play by their set of rules

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Who do you use?

Read above…I listed the sources I use. And no worries…you now know. Crap happens so don’t sweat the small stuff. :+1::+1::+1:

And I can vouch for all three sources. Especially the big one. I have around 15 orders with them.

Lots of Autos and CBD strains.

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Have you tried Baked Bean Cannabis Seeds? USA company and carry a phenomenal line.

No…just look up Attitude Seed Bank and you will understand what I am talking about. Better have a couple months of solid reading because its that many breeders seeds sold.

I have ordered from them before. I like supporting some of the USA ones. BAKED BEANS carries some amazing breeders. Check them out when you have a chance. I get mine in 5 days

What is your favorite strain you like to get?