Seed wont germinate

I’ve had a seed germinating for 10 days now and nothing. How long should I wait before I call it? Aren’t the seeds from ILGM guaranteed or they replace them?

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Yes they do replace them. Whats the methid u used. Did u soak in aater for 12 to 24 hrs them paper towel method. Always works for me. I add a cap full of peroxide to a shotglass of water soak bean for 12 to 24 hrs then paper towel it til i get a tap toot. If u have a heat pad or a seed started heat mat moght want to use that as the heat helps get it going alot faster.

That’s the way I do mine as well. I just looked and she might have a slight crack and be starting, fingers crossed and I’ll check tomorrow…

Seed is done start over :frowning:

Nothing is a guarantee, there is always some duds

Don’t forget to drill plenty of drain holes at the bottom of the cup.

PRE MOISTEN potting soil

Put them somewhere dark and warm like a cupboard or in wifi area if that’s in a cabinet

Cover the seed, but don’t pack soil on top of. Remember to give it a jump start I soak it for 10 or 12 hours.

Check the cups soil a couple times a day, should stay good and moist for a while. Use a spray bottle if it looks dry, but it shouldn’t if you have properly wet the soil. Maybe the second day gently mist them with some water an wait. Just because you don’t see anything after 48 or 72 hours does not mean that you failed . I think this is the time you get it!! One last thing write down the date and time you planted.

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I’m in hydro…

Ah ha!! OK, I will refer you to others doing the same as I have zero experience. I hope you find good info and have great success. If you ever switch to soil grows let me know!!

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Second seed from the same batch popped in under 48 hrs!