Seed trading and giveaways

Kind of new to this site and unsure of any rules regarding this subject. Anything I should know?

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I’m still new to this but @dbrn32 should be able to tell you more about.


Seed trading isn’t permitted here. We do not allow the exchanging of personal information through the forum, so anything of the sort would be extremely difficult if not impossible to do.

We are working on a way for members to potentially sell unneeded equipment, but will have to go through third party. And I’m sure that seeds wouldn’t be deemed acceptable.


Its not going to happen or you will get a ban. Plus you don’t want the local Police and the DEA knocking on your door if its illegal in your State.


As stated, stuff like this isn’t allowed here to keep all of our members safe. On a side note, love the creative name!


Might be helpful to read this:

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