Seed To Weed, The Easy Way


Made my first ever batch of coconut oil. Ended up with about 1 1/2 cups using half oz prime decarbed bud. Sure does make the house smell like a bakery. @Usmcjojo


I’ve got some sittin in the fridge waiting for the next batch of cookies or brownies :v::+1:


That’s awesome your making me wish I had started this batch sooner.


Pretty sure I will have some in morning oatmeal Or pancake syrup. Did all my goesintuhs and hillbilly math, should be about 1 joint per tablespoon. 5 tbsp per serving. Yep, it’s pancakes


Ended 4 mc clones and cut 12 clones from them. Had 8 clones rooting for a couple weeks now, pulled 2 that weren’t thriving.


Went Edward Scissorhands on everything I have. If it wasn’t destined to make it to the top, it no longer exists. Probably took 20% of everything. Just now getting first flowers since light flip.



They seemed to enjoy yesterday’s trim. I have 2 pineapple chunk fems in this area and the other 8 seeds were regular Now that flowering is beginning, I am waiting for the inevitable boys to show up and ruin the dance. I finally cried “Uncle “ and gave up trying to keep them below the net, they’re stretching fast.


Day 53 since breaking ground, 14 days of 12/12. So far, all Mounds, no Almond Joy.


white Rhino asked me to end it after tiny grape clusters said hello this morning


Pulled one of the rdwc gals, or should I say guys. 4 left in res, 4 in pots on this side. Moved a monster cropped in to replace the soil plant yanked yesterday. I have one in there that has the super-narrow leaves of a pure sativa, but is growing taller with really long node spacing. It keeps growing into the light. Ended up super cropped 4 branches already or else my top canopy would suffer. Still has not sexed itself though.


I had planted 2 fem seeds of Pineapple Chunk when this grow began, 1 soil, 1 Hydro. Grown side by side in identical environment, hydro is almost triple the size!


Today will be day 1 of 12/12 switch in second grow area, now both to flowering. I end up with 2 monster cropped in rockwool, 1 mc in soil, 4 clones in soil, 9 strains in soil and 4 strains in rdwc. I do have some cutting of monster clones but they aren’t looking too good cuz the stems are too woody



I don’t comment a lot, but really enjoy watching how smoothly your grows go. Just wanted to let you know you had fans haha.

Keep up the good work!


Appreciate all the good vibes. I think after learning from all here for last 1 1/2 years, I have it simplified. They definitely used to suffer from too much love and attention. Now it’s all powder nutes, calmag and hydroguard.


@bryan next time you get a male clone it then kill it then give me the clone lol.


Just flipped one area with 5 candidates


Still babying along this second set of clones from monster cropped that were begun in my biodome experiment. Started with 12, down to 7 now. Hoping to keep their roots alive but stall upward growth until I have any room for ‘em


the first set of biodome clones are doing well so far