Seed To Weed, The Easy Way


Now it’s spider mites in one of my grow areas. Looks like I will lose more than I thought. Only 1 of the five looks like it has a chance. I had planted 5 strains, plus a variety of clones. Sprayed every plant I have with Spinosad. Only the strong survive. get rid of the weaklings and now I have room to rearrange it and fit in another hydro rdwc. I was wondering what to do with this next crop of clones…


Get them bastards!


Dosed plants with 2 rounds of spinosad and 1 round of neem oil yesterday. Lost total of five, kinda like this, temp 102 for 2 days, overwatered them, now bugs I tracked in to my I’ll plants. I still have 6 clones in the area still. Lol, so I moved them to right side and am adding another rdwc w/chiller on left side. That will give me one in each area And I have 3 additional pineapple chunk clones that will go in it tomorrow.


New rdwc w/chiller is up and running with 3 pineapple chunk monster cropped clones




Just took down one of my pineapple chunk in soil because it wasn’t doing well


Damn that sucks what’s going on with them?


Fighting spider mites. Plus it never got enough light cuz I packed plants too close


The hydro ones doing ok. Second area now with all clones except an Amazonia gal.


Your hydro will take off you have that dialed in.


Pineapple chunk bud at 85 days from seed


Looks like they’re gonna give you a little color too!


one grow area will be harvested, except for 1 plant, within the next 2 weeks. Tonight I dropped some more beans. The theme for the next grow came from a buddy of mine. Think I will call it the fruit salad grow. It will be Strawberry Kush, Lemon Alien Dawg, Pineapple Slick, Mango Skunk, Raspberry Cough, and Blueberry Headband. That’s all the fruit seeds I have available.


That sounds like MY KINDA GROW! Amazing flavors man. Cant wait. Tag away


Hey @Niala great to see ya around


@bryan Where did you get your cherry bomb other bank or buddy I know a guy who breeds that strain


Feel great to be around @bryan, my friend :grinning::upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Had some health issues but that’s behind now…

Also scrap my tablet and it took some time to replace it, disability budget obliged :wink:


got the cherry bomb during an ordering spree on 4.20 elsewhere. .Haven’t smoked it yet, but plant will be cut within a week. The actual pistils on it are twice the length as any other I am about to harvest.


Nice share some pics when you get it all trimmed up congratulations buddy


here is cherry bomb