Seed To Weed, The Easy Way


Just started 10 new strains. 2 feminized and 8 regular seeds were placed directly into seedling soil inside a clear Solo cups that have drain holes on the bottoms. Seeds put 1 1/2 inches deep. Then put clear cups inside a red cup. This way I will be able to check root progress without disturbing them Last time it took about 5 days for sprouts to break the surface.

Inch By Inch... Grow By Grow. (ILGM White Widow Fem)


Oh yeah here we go!!
Oh and are any of them gonna be hydro?


Half soil plants, 5 will go into my homemade rdwc w/chiller. Regular seeds, so hoping for at least 5 females My last batch of plants were put on 12/12 at 2 weeks from seed. Will be longer veg time this go round.


Awsome buddy, nice lineup!


I ordered 45 strains, one seed each. Seeds arrived 30 days after the day cash was sent and got here yesterday Ordered them on 4/20 Still have a bunch of monster cropped clones I am trying to reveg


Wow! Got quite a collection started.
🖒✊ and quite a deal if I may add.
Let er rip taterchip


No kidding on the selection. Just jarred 12 strains yesterday :scissors:️ Last time I bought seeds, I got them all with thc 23%+.


Just curious what Seedbank sells individual seeds?


Sorry but can”t say


Is it an ancient Chinese secret? U can say another seed bank on here. Just can’t show their packaging or a link to them.


Personally I think that’s bad form, and since I guess you’re in the US there’s no sense in saying where I get my seeds from.

Suffice to say, it would take you two minutes to find what you need AND get reviews/opinions on said site.


I get mine from and English co doesn’t matter I’m in the us but it’s fine. It was just an inquiry


Are you in the uk? I need some seed but dont know where to start!


May i ask whom please :slight_smile:


These came out of Spain. I have sent cash to Canada Amsterdam with only 1 customs catch. We all grow from many different seed banks , but ya need to respect our forum host. Just for the record, my ilgm amnesia haze beat out all other strains for both quality and quantity. Maybe one day they will single seeds. Heck, they started the mix packs from suggestion from a forum member


MSNL. It is not disrespectful to mention other seed banks. ILGM is having issues with international cc.

People need to purchase seeds and this forum will help u grow any seed from anywhere.


Belgium, I use Dutch sites but you can easily find UK sites quickly


Don’t think it’s only ILGM as far as credit cards go for US based companies. As said before, in Benelux there can be issues with CC but that’s purely because of the charges for processing and not any “ban” on using cards due to more “local” laws.


All of a sudden cards that used to work for ILGM are no longer working they are only accepting cash