Seed to pot entire grow 4x2 vege . Gg 4x4 flower tent

What’s good all. I started some seeds. :pray::crossed_fingers::muscle::muscle::muscle: in got some mac1 I got some mega Vino I got some jungle cake and some kush cake fems. I’m using ph6.0 water no nutes till they bigger. Floraflex nutes. I started some in just coco loco and some in root riot pods as is a new product to me and I didn’t wanna put all my seeds in them cus I messed new shit up before.

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Same here, the root riot cubes look nice, but don’t want to mess up trying new stuff. Plants look healthy. Good luck.

The ones in small cups should get a transplant soon. Root bound will effect future growth. You may have just watered but be aware that young plants don’t need a lot of water until they get 6”-8”.

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Yeah thanks the reason I left them I. Was they was a lot shorter and slower growing then there Familia so they still in smaller pots tonight after work I’ll give them the treats


The girls are looking sexy. I see some transplanting real soon. :+1:

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