Seed that sunk when put in water for germination

I have read that seeds that do not float are usually bad ? My first grow I only used one seed and it sunk as soon as I put it in water , I followed the guidelines for germination found on this forum and ILGM site yet after a week in small pot with soil no sprouting ? Do you think that it was a bad seed ? Blue dream auto . Thank you in advance , I’m here to learn and hopefully be a contributing member to newbies like myself .

The best method I’ve found to germinate seeds is to dampen a paper towel, place the seed in the middle, fold in half to cover seed and place in a bowl with lid closed, and then place in a dark/cool area for 3-5 days. By the end of the 5th day you should see a 1/2”-1” root coming out. Place root down/seed up when planting.


Some seeds sink, some seeds float, I don’t see any differences in germination success.

Getting your first seed to grow is sometimes difficult. There is no best way, but most growers loose a few here and there until they figure out what works best for them based on success rates.

You can carefully dig up the seed to see if it is still viable. Sometimes they get planted too deep and just struggle. If you find viable seedling just leave some of the dirt off to help it out. Did the seed split open before planting it in soil or did you just soak it and plant it?

Once again, you have to come up with something that works for you and everyone here will have their own method. I’ll make a few suggestions and perhaps you’ll find something you can incorporate into your method.

Seems like consensus to soak seed no longer then 48 hours. A little Hydrogen peroxide added to the water has been suggested. I’ve tried it, no complaints, I’ll keep doing it because I always have some h2o2 on hand. Haven’t done side by side comparison so don’t know if it helps, but doesn’t seem to hurt. One step many add is keeping the seeds warm during the germination process. I use a seedling mat controlled by device that keeps the seeds 80 degrees. Others use cable boxes, some leave lights running 24/7 to provide even heat.

After 24-48 hours most here place the seed between damp paper towels. I’ll only do it if, after 48 hours, they haven’t split open, but I rarely need to do that.

Don’t plant your seeds too deep, only 1/4-3/8 inch is necessary. Keep them warm. A humidity dome can help keeping them from drying out if you humidity is low.

Others will have their own suggestions. Take the suggestions, try germinating different ways until you find something that works for you.

Good luck with the seedling.


How long did you leave it the water? Any sign of the seed cracking or a white root popping out?

I’ve been having issues with my blue dream auto seeds as I mentioned in a thread i started a couple weeks ago. 2 failed to germinate at all, 1 germinated after 8 days and isn’t going to make it (been about an inch tall for 6 days) and I’m waiting for my 4th seed to sprout for about 2 days (germinated/seed cracked open in about 48 hours).

Left in water 18 hours , no sign of opening transfered to damp paper towel . After a few days in towel (slight cracking) I decided to transfer to small pot still nothing after a week ? I started another seed last night hoping that this one germinates/sprouts ? At $20.00 a pop I may have contact customer service for a credit or replacement ?

Yeah these seeds aren’t cheap. I contacted customer service and they asked that I try the rest of the seeds first. They said they’d replace them but prefer to do it in one shipment. If seed 4 doesn’t sprout correctly I plan to reach back out again.

Maybe try gently digging down to see if the taproot popped out and if it’s growing?

Keep me updated. Wondering if this is a bad batch of seeds.

I may try to pull dirt away and see if there is any growth today … I will keep you posted .

Well reluctantly I went exploring to see if any growth or sprouting had taken place … NOTHING seed appears to be done . And the other seed I started after 18 hours just shows signs of cracking no taproot / tail ?

If it’s cracked that’s a good sign. Can you see a little white in the crack? If so I’d put it in soil.

My 4th blue dream seed germinated and sprouted this morning. Looks ok to me.

still nothing…Not happy a camper

Sorry to hear. Maybe give it another day and the. Go digging to see what’s going on. What kind of soil are you using?

Here is my 4th my blue dream seed on day 5 above soil. It’s growing pretty slow and one of the cotyledons is deformed. Hoping it will start growing quicker once it gets a couple more leaves.

For comparison here’s my northern lights that was germinated same day and sprouted one day later. Already has a second set of leaves. Same soil, same lighting.

These blue dream seeds just don’t seem so great. Hopefully ILGM will do the right thing and replace them. Just waiting to see what happens to my latest sprout before I request replacement. Here’s my 3rd blue dream seed on 2 weeks above soil. I have no hope for it but figured I’d just leave it to see what happens.

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Happy Frog soil , still nothing yet . Customer service asked me to germinate all of them and see if any germinate . I reluctantly did , I really just wanted to grow one plant at a time but I will do as asked . Fingers crossed that i have some results .

They told me something similar but I wasn’t sure if they’d actually send me replacements for all if they all germinated and I didn’t have the space to grow them. I’m also just trying to grow one blue dream (three plants total with gorilla glue and northern lights).

The silver lining for me in this debacle is that the weather still hasn’t turned nice enough yet to put the seedling outside. I definitely started my gorilla glue too early and I don’t have the right lights to keep it indoors too much longer. Since I’m behind now with the blue dreams it’ll probably be ready to go outside when the weather is cooperating.

Well none of them ever did anything , but I am thankful for the great customer support from ilgm as they have new seeds on the way . Better luck this time a certainly hope .

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I got 4 different orders, feminized, and the worst seeds ever. The few that germinated have no energy. Got one seedling less than an inch tall, for a month.

Maybe 10% are growing ok.

Since I run a micro farm and have spent many thousands of dollars on seeds, I cannot understand why ONLY cannabis seeds are undated.

Seems like the sales are for WAY OLD seeds.

And, I didn’t have this problem when I ordered here a few years ago.

I got replacement seeds Bruce banner and these sprouted in 24 hours and look super healthy . I will continue to be a iglm customer ! Top shelf customer service .

ILGM made things right for me when my blue dream autos weren’t germinating. Haven’t tried any new seeds yet. Waiting for the next season.

Just pointing this out… The suggested germination time is 72 hours in water in a dark place. I followed that and had 5 of 5 germinate. But, they didn’t really take off until after 48 hours. It’s a little bit of a waiting game at first.

18 hours of germination isn’t even a full day. Nearly any kind of seed you get - not just ganja, but any plants - usually need 24 hours of germination time at the very least. Usually I give any seed at least 48 hours of germination.