Seed tail root problem

I’ve just started seed germination and a couple of my seeds have popped already. I am starting them in soil. My question is that one of the seedlings seems to be growing the tail out of the soil; others look perfectly normal. Is there something I should do about this one seedling or will this apparent problem correct itself?

gently unbury it and with tweezers pick up seed. and turn and place seed tail down and cover back with soil. be very careful as the tail very easily damaged.


Yup, that’s about all ya can do.

Thanks for the quick feedback! I did the tweezers thing and got the tail going in the right direction. The last time I did a grow was outdoors in the summer in the early '70s when I just threw a bunch of seeds in the ground and ended up with 50+ plants of unknown strain. Anyway I don’t want to overthink this process and I greatly appreciate your help.