Seed storage question

Hi everyone… so I have had a million people tell me how to store my weed seeds. I do have a lot of seeds so I’d like to get someone who has experience in the matter to give me sound advise. I store them in 2 ziplock bags, with 1-2 small silica packets, ziplocks in a brown paper bag, and in the fridge. Is this okay?

I store them the same way and inside a mason jar to protect them from crushing, jelly, spilled milk, or whatever a refrigerator can throw at them!

I don’t keep seeds past 2 years, if I did I’d consider freezing them.


Ive had my seeds in ‘weed baggies’, in a paper bag, inside an OVERSTUFFED Altoid can if the dark corner of my grow room… and have had seeds almost 2 years old still viable.

Just minimize airflow, moisture, and light. And ur golden


Keep mine in the fridge in an opaque medicine bottle with some rice added in


Robert, says to stay away from plastic containers. What about a vacuum seal type of plastic container that was made for long term storage of plant material/weed? I have an opaque green and purple plastic container that I purchased to transport so, the smell did not permeate the car. Works very well. Will this type of container work for long term storage of seeds? Seems like it would be a good choice with some silica gel packets in the container. Your thoughts???

Sounds like itd work to me. The main kickers are no water, little to no exposure to air, and darkness

Temps are important for storage, 35 deg f to 41 deg f or 2 deg c to 5 deg c cool dark place, i store them in small dark bottles with a silicon bag, changing the silicon bag around every month sometimes longer. Some seeds after a years storage may take a while longer to germinate, but i have had seeds stored in the old type camera film container for over 5 years, still sprouted.
Use a small refrigerator just for your seeds. Avoid moisture levels over 5% it can tend to decrease the germination levels over time.

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Thanks. I appreciate the response.

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Thanks for the response. I appreciate it.

Thanks for the response. Metal or plastic film container??? Maybe that is putting a date on myself. I am still back and forth as to silica gel packs and rice. Using gel packs at the moment.

In your opinion, do you think rice is better than the silica gel packs??? If so, why? Just for my own knowledge.

No, those are fine as well. I just used what I had lying around.

@repins12 … WELCOME to the forum

Thanks. There seems to be a lot of knowledge here. I have grown plenty through the years outdoors. I am going to give this indoor grow a whirl. A lot has changed since the old days. Dabbled in it a few times but never really stuck to it.

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