Seed Storage Containers

Figured I would share my little seed Storage solution for anyone looking for cheap way to store. Amazon has cheap little canisters with lids. Bought a 12 pack for a few $ and just print a label slap it on and bam. Even left room to put if Auto or Photo. What other ways do you guys store them?

How bout something like this. Lol. I have a new one on way should hold roughly 360 kinds of seeds or so. Like 40 bucks but all in one carry.

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That’s what I ordered I have mini cases right now hold like 20 kinds each case from Wally world lol. Check out bead storage cases use mini vials in the cases. Works great.


Ahhh that’s pretty clever. I figured some folks would have some cool ways to store seeds. It’s neat to see what people come up with.

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Interesting that you bring this up, I was exchanging mail with ILGM support because I was told here on the ILGM forums to put the seeds in a small container with rice, which would absorb any moisture from the container while it is stored in the freezer.

This conversation with them came about as I was having problems germinating seeds, and the response from ILGM was, “Ah Ha! We don’t support storing seeds in the freezer as there could be moisture and that will not be good for the seeds…can you store them at room temp. in a dry place?”.

The only thing is I never stored my seeds like that yet, I was only planning to store them like that…so that left ILGM with another difference from the advice I got here on the ILGM forums from the moderators. That was to germinate with peroxide. As it turns out, that is not what Bergman’s growing bible says, nor does it say anything about germinating in dark or light, or keeping the seeds away from sunlight, etc…the bottom line is that there is a lot of info lost from Bergman’s bible and/or differences in what the support people do with their seeds as well, the person I spoke to does use peroxide for difficult seeds.

I have a seed I haven’t put any peroxide in and it is still floating after about 10 or 11 days…the root is trying to come out but it floating on the top and I’m not touching it.

I have had the best luck with the traditional method of using paper towels and keeping them moist, but it has always been imperative for me to make sure the towels don’t go dry. This is the method that George Van Paten shows in “Marijuana Horticulture - the indoor / outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible”, which for all intents is the real Bible on this issue. GVP (or Jorge Cervantes if you prefer! :smirk:) has been the Bible for years. He even shows white widow seedlings. I would like to note: The top right pic shows the leaves of the white widow, and they are fat/wide like Indica leaves typically are, opposed to longer/thinner leaves that Sativa typically has. The leaves on the seeds I got this year from ILGM are not as fat/wide when sprouting, but 3 are starting to get a bit wider, I’m putting those 3 in larger planters this weekend.

If you buy your seeds from ILGM they will replace any seeds that do not sprout, even if you have them for a year or two I’m told, so make sure you store them in a dry sealed container at room temp where moisture will not get to it. They may ask you.

I have 4 seeds being replaced, and to me 4 out of 10 is a high failure rate, I have had 100% success following GVP’s Bible and going back to it next year for sure. I am patiently waiting for ILGM to get me some Maui-Wowie seeds, they are on the slow plane from their distribution center I guess…in general the service we get from ILGM is what it is. I don’t think it’s as good as it can be, but I like the online ordering. The price on these seeds are pretty common across the seed vaults in CA, so having ILGM in Amsterdam is inconvenient for me. I also grow outdoors so go through less seeds…however the price is really increasing since 2018 when cultivation became legal in my state. Maybe some of this info will help others.

EDIT: I will also show the seeds I got this year, there are only 10 out of 20 left. Also a picture of a seed from another seed vault in CA selling white widow (Bergman’s strain). Notice how the seeds I got from ILGM this year are not as plump and they don’t represent those Texas striped watermelons…yet the California Cannabis Seeds is. Only that one big plump one was shipped from ILGM this year.



Thanks for that reply I appreciate it and yea there is so much conflicting / misinformation out there it’s crazy. I remember reading on the ilgm Bible maybe I had old one or something, or it was on the site something to just plop them in water and wait. My only 3 seeds I’ve done so far all popped within 36 hours and was good to go. Just water in a cup and put in a dark cupboard and bam.

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I store all my seeds in vials in a storage case in a closet. Rh is maintained there fairly well don’t get hot or cold I’ve had seeds in a sandwich baggie in a junk drawer for 10 to 15 yrs and dropped 3 of them to get me started at the first drop of seeds and all 3 popped for me. This was no care on storing or anything bag and drawer was all. As long as the rooms don’t go thru massive heat changes or have massive rh spikes I see no issues with the seeds staying good. Now don’t store them in a basement or anything with lots of moisture as it can cause mold to grow in the packs with the seeds if they sweat good enough.

If u don’t have a ton of seeds u can see about a cigar humidor also as they usually do good at holding rh in a particular zone.

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These will work great also. Sticker each vial for seed type may have to get one of these too Incase I don’t like the other one I can give it to my daughter for her little collectable things she collects forgot the name of the damn things lol.


@Mark0427 I have some seeds I had for about 10 years, I tried to germinate some last year and they opened barely and then nothing and I let them go dry, so none were usable. Those came from some Kush that a friend grew up in Humbolt, but I don’t like Kush very much, it’s more body than mind. I’m dropping a few in the cup with the floater…LOL

DAMN, one out of 5 sunk, but to be fair, it could be cracked. I have tossed $#!T in the drawer compartment with them over the years, keys, lighters, paper clips, etc…(just took a pic I’ll attach).

Could even be up to 15 years ago, I drove up to Humbolt to get my yearly stash. Usually I would wait until I ran out and then would need to wait a few weeks, so my friend would give me a few buds and I’d be burning all the way back home, or to my property in Lake County, it overlooks the lake. For 22 years I would drive up there once or twice a year and just smoke a big fatty sitting on my property. I would usually see deer, cause I would sit for about 2 hours sometimes contemplating my navel. Usually you never get seeds, since most all growers clone their plants and watch close for hermies, but sometimes it happens and a plant will turn male or someone will accidentally leave a male to destroy their drop…

The pot was still really potent, so I told my friend I wasn’t complaining, he really took care of me for many years and even offered to give me free weed but I refused. There was a time when black market bud went for $400/oz, so bud wasn’t exactly cheap like it is now.

He told me to just throw them in the ground and water them, and I had always through there was voodoo where the growers sex starved the females, and had to have the males there, I was so naive…a few of us had gotten together one year and I spent the night up there and it gave us time to talk…he did explain a lot, but hard to remember when you don’t grow…so I’m learning now and I did get advice from him over the last couple years also…but I’m kind of on my own now…so I need to plan for the next harvest…I never have what looks like enough…so not sure…October is quite a ways off at this point…and of course fresh cured harvest always tastes the BESTEST!

Do you know how to pollinate while growing at the same time? I have seen where a plastic bag was put over a branch and the pollen put inside, then the branch get milled with seeds as it grows. I could possibly find a separate piece of property where I could have only a male and female, but it would be nice to be able to keep track so I could do more than one strain per year. I bet indoor is better for pollinating. Seed vault is not a bad business model, as the seeds sell for so much. This is nucking futz, if you know what I mean. Look, you can see the one that sunk down at the bottom! LOL

Won’t it be funny if I can get a male plant out of one of these…stranger things have happened…hehehe (let me put a couple more pics to show them them). Look how they’ve been stored…LOL and a close up.


Try water like a shot glass and a cap full of peroxide in the water. Soak seeds in that. Helps keep all clean also while germing. Xtra oxygen and it’s supposed to help soften shell


I will do that, but don’t think I have any peroxide, so will need to get some. I need to look around the cabinets, but don’t think my wife uses peroxide for anything.

EDIT: Nope, no peroxide. I did find Q-Tips, which I was going to buy today (wife is away), so instead will go get peroxide. :blush: In todays economy peroxide is probably only about $50 for an 8 oz bottle. :shushing_face: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :shushing_face:

I guess in that regard seed prices aren’t too bad, considering the current economy. Freewheelin’ Franklin said it best, “Weed is better in times of no money, than money is in times of no weed…”. Words to live by! :slightly_smiling_face:


You know what is so funny, I didn’t realize that Peroxide is safe for oral consumption. At the local CVS pharmacy a guy told me his dad uses it to whiten his teeth. That makes sense I guess…I always thought it was the $#!T that was used to bleach hair, which was popular before everyone started dying their hair purple, blue, pink, green or any other color of the rainbow…coincidence? I think not. I put peroxide in both cups, that one is still trying to open but floating and I’ll let you know if this opens it. If I can get one of those 10-15 year old seed to sprout, I’ll be laughing my arse off…

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They do say u can brush with it gargle it and all yes. It’s just water with an Xtra oxygen molecule or whatever it’s called. Lol.

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Here’s an interesting thing. I had one seed out of 5 that sunk, these are the 10-15 year old seeds. After putting the peroxide in the cup that one at the bottom floated up to the top, but I didn’t see it…I noticed it dropping and when I looked there was only 1 down there…sitting on the computer I see it floating up to the top, stayed up there for about an hour and sunk again. Must be the oxygen in the peroxide that effected it…not sure. I didn’t notice bubbles on the side of the cup after I added in the peroxide…that must be the oxygen. :slightly_smiling_face:


Possible. If u take something and give a lil tap on the seed it may sink. Sometime a touch makes them sink. If they sink they r soaked enough to go into naps and finish that way a seed has no moisture inside it til water penetrates the shell and gets inside to hydrate the seedlings once water hits the inside it starts to swell the inside which cracks the shell. If u have any seeds that don’t sink even with a tap get pliers or a knife sandpaper and lightly rub along where the cracks would happen to thin out that harder area and allow water to enter the shell. If u use pliers to crack shell only barely squeeze til u hear the snap of the shell don’t over squeeze and crush the inside. U just wanna hear the shell crack to allow water in.

Unbelievable, that one seed that sunk, it was going up/down about 4 times the past day…now it’s floating on top with the other 4. That seed was on the bottom for possibly 4-5 days…now it’s floating…when I put the peroxide in a bunch of bubbles appears around the cup walls, then they slowly disappeared. Maybe I should give it another fix…hehehe