Seed starter system, germ failed

A question from a fellow grower:

Have a quick question. I just dug into a large order of white widow and started another 6 seeds in peat pots on heat pad and under a humidity dome (Seed starter system). None of them came up. Any suggestions. Is the seed starter system appropriate for use or is there a better system?

I believe they want you to place your seeds in water for say 24 hr’s or until they pop .
I use two paper towels wet the dish place paper towel put seeds and then top with paper towel.
Don’t let it dry out and say with in 24 he or less you’ll have kids. Also keep some what dark and about 70or so degrees that works for me 100 percent for me hope it dose for you.


I place my seeds directly into rockwool cubes soaked in warm water. If using peat pellets; You need to gently shake off extra wetness, before inserting seed. You do not want to drown it.

The heat mat could be an issue if it is hot. I usually do not use my heat mat for MMJ seeds, I reserve it for full trays of veggie seeds.

I find that my T5 lamp gives off enough heat to make the seeds sprout and be happy. Hope this help[s

I got a trick and it work take your seed by the big end youll need a pièce ofsand paper and rub it or cut the little side whit à razor blade