Seed splurge 2021

Second this. In my top 3 for sure.

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Me too. I am new and thought I needed as much as I can get. WRONG. :grin: idk. I’m learning so much every day. Hell I can clone a plant now. Just my thoughts. Happy growing. :v:t4:


What else is in your top 3?

Not in order but blackberry kush, gold leaf and Jack Herer so far. Still have a lot of strains to grow so the list is fluid.


Holly bat mites! My budd stated something like that about myself…lol
Zkittles auto
Wedding cake
Green crack
White widow
Amnesia haze
Grand daddy purple
Bannana kush
Bruce banner
Alien gorilla something or another
Gorilla glue
Girl scout cookies
And a few others i know i have that cant recall all of them. Wife says im gonna start my own seed bank. Lol


im not sure about a platform to trade but can I get those seed vendor instagrams?

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Robert keeps sending these buy 10 get 10 free deals!
I’m a sucker for a good deal.
Just bought 10 + 10 Jack Herer Autos, waiting for them to ship soon.
Puts me over $500 in seeds this year. :sob: :+1:


Durban Poison Feminized 20
Jack Herer Autoflower 20
Super Silver Haze Feminized 20 18 left
White Widow Autoflower 20 17 left
Super Skunk Feminized 20 18 left
Gold Leaf Feminized 50% 10 9 left
100% germination rate with ILGM seeds!

High Supplies seeds
Amnesia photos bought 5 only 2 of 4 germinated 1 left
Blue Dream photos bought 5 and 0 of 4 germinated 1 left

Only ILGM seeds for me from now on! :+1: :sunglasses:


IG is killer for seed addictions for sure… Many of us have the same or similar usernames. Mine’s CygnusX101



Nice flavors.

I have spent a lot. But it nicely done. They have some nice looking stuff. My buddy gets their seeds. Clones off of them like Regs.

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Labor day sale? Damn it, Robert!
$5.50 a seed delivered for top-notch genetics is hard for me to pass up!

GDP fem order

OK, now I got 2 100% Indica strains. Most Hybrid Indica/Sativa mixes. Durban Poison 100% Sativa strain. Once I get some seeds from my ILGM outside grows, I guess I’ll use those to get a male to start my cross-breeding experiments. LOL :+1: :sunglasses:


I’m going to look at the 10 for 10 deals as soon as I’m done looking at the posts of the day on here. I have a purple haze in my tent that went hermy an was going to just pitch all the seeds in the trash but when I asked @Hellraiser he said not to. I thought hermy seeds would just make more hermy plants & he said that all hybrid plants can go herm. So next year a lot of my friends will be pleased with free seeds.

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I’ve said before, I’m more of a seed collector than a grower. Case and point…the pic is missing the Blue Dream seed I just bought on sale.


I have a fair amount of seeds I’ve gotten from ILGM, WSE and RQS and have been tempted by the IG breeders but I read this just recently while doing some research on clones and cloning and it kinda make me wonder.
I’ve seen a couple of grow journals here using same strain from same pack seeds from ILGM and the plants exhibit very different traits ie growth rate, size, nute requirements and even leaf color.
I’ve seen differences in same strain plants I’ve grown myself so I can kinda agree with what a lot of this cat is saying.

REMINDER this is not ME talking - this is from the net!!

" Today, most commercially available cannabis is grown from clones rather than seeds. Cloning is the process whereby a grower takes cuttings from a mature plant and roots them, allowing them to grow into new plants that are genetically identical to their “mother” plant. Most important agricultural crops are either grown from seeds or by cloning — but rarely by both methods. It’s yet another curiosity of the deeply unusual cannabis plant that it can be grown efficiently using either approach. But today cloning is king. Why?

The main reason is consistency. If you have a plant you like, you can take hundreds of cuttings from it, and if you treat them exactly the same, they’ll all be exactly the same. With the rising commercial pressures in the cannabis industry, this is a huge consideration. Not just because customers are starting to realize that they should be demanding consistency, but because growers need it even worse. If all your plants are the same, then all your growing conditions can be the same. It’s cheaper, and easier.

In the rest of the agricultural world, you can get this kind of consistency from a packet of seeds. If you buy tomato seeds, cucumber seeds, or pepper seeds, they’ll all grow into essentially the same exact plant. This is because modern commercial plant seeds are true-breeding, meaning they’re genetically stable, and give rise to basically identical progeny. Or they’re the result of a cross between two separate true-breeding lines, which results in near-identical progeny in the first generation. Either way, you can rely on seeds to be what they say they are, and to be the same.

Not so with cannabis. Some extraordinary things have been accomplished over fifty years of basement experimentation, but cannabis breeding is still effectively about eighty years behind modern plant breeding techniques. Very few cannabis breeders have created a true-breeding line. So when you buy a packet of seeds, they’ll all grow differently. They’re not a “strain.” They’re the diverse and unique children of two different parents; they’ll resemble each other about as much as humans resemble their siblings. Which is to say — only a little bit."

I went ahead and included a link. This is NOT a commercial site and does not offer any products, of any kind, for sale. If this is in violation of Forum rules please delete!

I take it all with a grain of salt!!
If I have a healthy bean from a good looking plant try and stop me from planting it!!

The worst part of having 13 different strains, not to mention a few special bagseeds collected over the years, is trying to decide what to grow next!!

Happy Growing Everyone!!

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No kidding. I just germinated 12 seeds.

4 Blackout Truffle (regs) from TerpFi3nd

6 Sour Tangerine Smoothie (regs)from TerpFi3nd

1 Sugar Cane by InHouse

1 Critical Mass by ILGM

And I fried 3 seeds from Brothers Grimm :-/

The big question is…. What should I grow next??

I might go with themes …. Like Stawberry Cough. I’ll do a bunch of strawberry Cough and it’s crosses.

Or blueberry crosses…. Decisions decisions….

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I don’t have that much space to work with!!
Wish I thought I could start 12 seeds and see them through to finish!
Best of Luck to you!


I really don’t have the room either!

I’m going to Veg for a 3 weeks to a month on my workbench in solo cups

And hopefully the two 3x3 flower tents open up soon.

I’m hoping to get 4 females from the 10 Reg seeds. I’ll have them tested in 2 weeks

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