Seed shipping container

Will seeds come in a box or envelope? Mail kinda gets tossed around at my house so I want to be able to identify

Mine came in white padded envelope. Very plain looking.

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Padded envelope.

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padded envelope with a glass vial inside

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Glass vial?! I’ve only gotten mini ziploc bags with my ILGM seeds. You must be top tier!


ive gotten seeds from growers choice and grey beard. they came in glass vials. i have an order coming from ilgm, i guess ill expect it to come in plastic ziploc baggies

Ziplocks in padded white envelope.

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I have seen white and brown small padded envelopes. Happy growing welcome

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Will the package arrive on Saturdays? I got the 3-4 day shipping. This would be day 5 not including thanksgiving day.

My experience is that international shipping is not a predictable as domestic.

my ilgm seed arrived after 11 days. padded envelope and ziploc bags

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Just got them. On day 5. Have a gallon of tap water sitting now. How long does the chlorine take to go out. Anxious to start!

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i just drop the seed in tap water, sometimes with a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide

I don’t think they are getting sent internationally anymore. I got mine in 5 days too with a CA return address. Curious are you in a state you can legally grow?

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Going mine in an Aerogarden so I pop the seed in a pod. Have to add like a gallon on water to my resavoir. So I read if you use tap to let the water sit out over night to remove the chlorine

I agree with six pack dad receive in about half the time now. Great company to do business with.

It makes me wonder if they are still shipping internationally to non-legal states or from within the states if you are in a legal state.

I think it was a smart business decision haven’t had to get card approval at bank now. Pay an few days done deal