Seed shell stuck

I planted a seed in a jiffy peat pellet and when it sprouted the shell stayed stuck to the end, by the time I picked the shell off it had grown about 5 inches. I am wondering when I plant it in a pot how much stem needs to be sticking out, the jiffy pellets say to make sure to just cover the top with dirt.

The reason the shell stays attached is because it is actually serving as the plants first “leaves” until the cotelydon leaves sprout. I’m a beginner, but what I did was, as soon as it was up a couple inches (3 days after planting), I gently cut away the netting and place the pellet in a hole in the new pot before the root has a chance to break through and just cover the top of the pellet with soil. However, I haveread that burying the stem a little deeper, it will root more solidly. What I did worked, but there are some real pros here that can answer this better.

It is not advisable to plant a cannabis plant deeper than it was previously exposed. Some growers claim that they plant it deeper. Best way to learn is to try potting it deeper, and watch what happens. Be careful not to over water the seedling in this concept because, the main issue you are going to have to deal with is rotting the stem. It may work, and it may fail.

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Thanks for the response.

Thanks for the response aswell.

First Welcome too ILGM¡. We all look forward to your growif you come up with any other questions pease ask

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Dear garrigan62
I have a cheap 15w 225 165red 60blue led plant light and a 60x40x60 grow tent.
Would you be able to tell me if this would work for propagation
Regards Adrian

First up let !e Welcome you to ILGM . and please feel free to explore the forum. Much info to be had and the lounge is a good place to get to know each other better or on a different note.

Anyway ya to starts off with that would be fine. But you will want to up grade for veg and flower. I’ll send you some info on lighting.

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