Seed seems slow to start

Hi everybody, I am hoping for some opinions. I started a seed of white widow between paper towels about a week and a half ago. Kept it wet but it took forever to push out a tiny root. I planted it yesterday with a small 1/4” root showing, I usually grow autos this is my first photo period plant should it be this slow to start?

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Really depends on the seed. Had some take 3 days, others pop a tail in 24hrs. As long as it germinates, you should be good to go

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Thanks, I put it in soil and figured I would see what comes of it.

I hadn’t had much luck with WWW fem seeds from here. Only half of them germinated. And one of the two that germinated got root rot from the start so it stunted her. Later her buds molded too. I almost pulled her out but she sprouted 3-4 new branches so I’m waiting to see if she’ll survive.

Make sure your paper towel, and later potting soil don’t get too wet. I grow Hold Leaf at the same time with same treatment and they are thriving, growing like crazy.

Good luck to you.

Thanks for your advice, I am starting to think this one is on me. I had the paper towel really wet and in front of the AC. So I may have killed it myself.

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Being too cold might not help them germinate. I have gas stove so I usually put the wet paper towel with the seeds on a styrofoam tray I saved from market and leave it on the space between the burners. The pilot light warms them and the roots come out in less than 48 hours.

Good luck!


You could also put them in the oven with the light on it keeps mine at a steady 83 degrees. Of course your gonna want to cover them to keep them in the dark.

Thanks for the advice everyone, I think I will start over tonight when I get home.

Doing better than me. I’m down to my last 4 and have 24hrs left to see if it will sprout. The other 16 I had I believe it is my inexperience but still trying to be hopeful or I spent a lot of money on equipment for nothing

That’s rough, good luck with the rest of them.

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@Grow416 there is one planted and these are the other 3. 2 have tails and 1 still nothing

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How we doing over here?

I would think the middle one would be ready to plant soon. Not so sure about the other

That WW did not work out, I have been busy with some projects around the house but will be starting some more seeds this weekend. In a warmer place lol.