Seed sank to bottom

I just received my 5 seeds. I put them in water to germinate and 1 of them immediately sank to the bottom of the glass. Is this a sign of a ‘bad’ seed?
Thanks for any help.

Nope it’s fine. Bad seeds don’t sprout, they all sink eventually. Too early to worry about it…


Welcome. Sinking is good. What are you growing?

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Bubble Gum.
1st time serious grower.
I grew plants in the past for the novelty of it, but didn’t understand the make/female/hermaphrodite concept.
I am an avid gardener who grows several vegetables and flowers from seed.
I did notice that the so-called sinking seed rose to the top of water after 10 mins or so.
Thank you for the inquiry.

The seed sinking means the water is beginning to penetrate the shell


Tap them at 24hrs. If they think them I continue the germination process with them.

If they don’t sink I let them soak longer


Thanks for the info.
Much appreciated.

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Seeds sinking or floating is not effective to tell if a seed is going to germinate or not. It is an irrelevant myth.

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Maybe, that idk, but I’m not trying to tell if they are going to germinate or not, I’m just trying to saturate too the point the shell is allowing in water. :slightly_smiling_face:

I honestly don’t use the ones that sink immediately. Makes me think the shell was damaged.

The ones that sit in the water overnight and in the morning if you barely touch them and they start to sink seem to be my most productive seeds.

There are tiny microscopic hairs on the seed that hold air through surface tension. Eventually that tension can be broken and they sink. With seeds that drop initially it could simply be by handling those hairs were crushed a bit or picked up oils from your fingers and can’t hold air. Seeds naturally float so they can reach the banks of rivers and lakes to find good soil to grow in.

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Well, whatever is under the microscope, dropping and sinking has worked well for me for a long time.

From there on to the wet paper towel…blah blah blah. I don’t need to go through the process because it works so well everyone already knows it.

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