Seed room down so the message says

Went to buy some seeds but the room site seems to be down ,anyone know anything

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Try now, I just checked and I could buy them if I wanted to, but I don’t have the extra cash right now lol!


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@Coltfire yep it’s working fine for me

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It wont work for me either.

Works for me fine. Are you on phone? If so; That is the issue…somewhere. Site is fine.

Peace, lw

working for me, I’m using a pc…

I’m on my PC and it doesn’t work for me.

@EarlyPearl have you tried it in a different browser, worth a shot…

Its working fine again for me order placed.

Yeah, I’ve tried Firefox and Microsoft Edge with no luck.

Hi guys, we had some technical difficulties 24hrs ago but everything should be working okay now.