Seed replacement requirements

Superskunk seeds are in Jiffy peat-pellets, with about 1/4" of filtered tap water (set out overnight prior) in the factory tray with dome. Temp 73, one CFL about 12" above the dome.

I got the “10 w/ 10 free” deal, but only have room for 2-3 plants. My first three seeds did not sprout after 7 days. Since I have more seeds to try, and am ready to move on to the next set.

Since I need to try all seeds from the order before requesting the replacement seeds, what “proof” evidence etc. do I need to hang on to for the eventual replacement? Do I need to dig out the seeds and mail them back? How does it work?


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ILGM has the best customer service of any seed bank. You shouldn’t have any problems. I’m on my third order and ““any problems”” I’ve had were fixed better than 100%
I saved the problem seeds at first but never needed to show them.


Thanks! I actually dropped one of the three in a shot glass for 24 hours before the peat pellet and it had a little tail. Can the peat pellets go bad? I’ve had these for about a year but they are still compressed.

Here’s my set up for the seeds. Took the dome off for the pic.

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I got a heat mat with temp controller/ germination dome $26. and now I’m getting 100% germination after with the plants starting out at a faster pace.
I kept peat pellets that came with my germination dome and just use rockwool cubes in it “Plants go into a 5gal DWC after germination” I would run your light 24/7 just for the heat till they germinate then go 18/6. keep the top on the tray. maybe put top off for an hour here and there to let a lil humidity out. I have the same germination tray as you

Well, I am not spending any more, though I thought about that. It’s seeds though - with “good genetics” :wink:

The 73 degrees and everything else is exactly as recommended in the ILGM grow guide, so the only other variable I can see is shipping. It’s summer, and the seeds may have been exposed to extreme heat during shipping?

I feel your pain $$$$$, just had to by another tent. Plants got much bigger than expected :heart_eyes:


@ILGM.Stacy can you please look into this and see @Whodat66 meets requirements
Thanks :v:️ CB


Not worried about the ‘propriety’ of ILGM. The were great with a cash order (I was a little sketchy on that one :wink: )

I just don’t want to ruin 17 viable seeds by doing something wrong.


Ok was just responding to the title of the thread buddy
I soak mine 24 hour then another 24 in damp paper towels at which time I normally have a 1/4 to 1/2inch tap root the i place in soil about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep :+1:
Then i give them 24 hour light in my dome for one week
I dont use peat pods or rockwool


Well, I have given it the week - and am hoping the whole shipment wasn’t 'heat damaged" or something. there were 4 zip-lock baggies of 5-seeds each, and these all came from the same bag. I’m going to start 3 more today from a different bag and see what happens.

While there are many right ways to do it, I haven’t done any of the ‘wrong’ things… right?

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Just soak pellets dont keep water in bottom of tray
Then kerp them moist by misting when needed you want them to dripping wet

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Good advice. I plan to open these pellets carefully just incase it’s just slow. But I will definitely try that on the next batch. Also, these are the large size pellets. I have the smaller ones as well, which would be better?

I’m sorry to see some of your seeds didn’t germinate! I can advise you to use the germination method @Countryboyjvd1971 also uses.
You can keep us posted about the germination in this thread, no worries about digging up seeds to return to us.

Let’s see how the rest will do before we send out replacements so we won’t have to send several shipments of replacements. :slight_smile:


THANKS! I already have a few grow journals on here - here’s hoping I have another one in a week :wink:


So I dropped 3 this morning around 9am. Just looked at them (3 hours later) out of curiosity, 2 sank and one is floating. Is this a sign of anything or does it matter? I remember reading something about it, but don’t recall if that was just when you initially put them in.

What type of soil do you use for seedlings @Countryboyjvd1971?

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I ise promix bx for my entire grow start to finish
Its a great medium
Many commercial grower use it or products similar to it @Drillbit check it out

They say if the seed don’t sink then it’s not a good seed but only about half of my seeds sink and they all sproud (ilgm genetics)

How long are you soaking them ?
Sometimes it takes a day or two @Sirsmokes
The older the seeds the longer it takes to rehydrate and sink in my experience
i have ilgm seed stored for year or more and have no issues
What method do you use

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