Seed quality and germination

When I buy seeds from ILGM or some other one ,they al might grow but you still have to pick the best and disregard the rest
I can’t stand people complaining about some didn’t grow :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The company stands behind their germination guarantee, so nothing wrong with those that have troubles seeking replacement in my opinion. I do hope that if it does happen, people understand the replacement process and can be mature about it.


That’s fine , I planted three
One did not germ
Second one small
Third beautiful,got rid the second
Planted two more hopefully one will be beautiful


I’m growing Purple Aliens outdoors, I’m using 7gal bags, but I’m switching to 15 gallon, is this still too small. What do u recommend for grow bag sizes outdoors?

It depends on wether you want a bush or tree

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