Seed propagation question

Yeah thats what it’s there for. It does what I need it to do…lol…

That answers my question. If you are waiting for the sprouts to emerge to discontinue watering you at least know a germinated seed and a viable plant.

that is hillbilly genius! i will use this too. thanks!

Ha, ha, ha…thanks. One piece if advice, let it dry up pretty good before wetting it down again or it will get slimy on you. After 3-4 weeks, its job is done and it get tossed.

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So this picture describes my problem.

More than twice…

Can anyone tell me from experience what’s wrong here?

Poor girl has helmet head. The seed shell never fell off.

When it happens you might have to help it along, but a word of caution, most people break off their plants trying to get it off. This is a very delicate process.

I read on this forum that soaking it with spray of water may soften it and make it easier to get off but I have no experience with that. Seems like humidity dome would get same results softening the shell as spraying it.

May I suggest getting some seed starter rather then the potting mix for starting the seeds? Might make starting seeds easier.


10 days from the last photo above. Its sick how much they love it in here. Can’t argue with hillbilly success… :v:

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AMEN brother!

i dry weed in a cardboard box with string and clothes pins. i am the epitome of hillbilly :rofl:

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I thought about buying a $10.00 USB fan but ripping one out of an old computer and rigging it up was more fun …ha, ha, ha! Watching weed grow is boring … :rofl:

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Hey bud forgot to tag you

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Here is the 3 ways I attempted to germinate 20 seeds. ( Gold Leaf received approx 11-10-20)
Normally I place between moist paper towels in a pyrex covered dish and put in a dark place. Since I was having no luck with the germination process with a batch of Bruce Banner I posted online and received input on the forum regarding a germination procedure that worked well for that person, placing the seeds in a plastic bag with trapped air then placing the bags on or near your cable box for warmth and resulting humidity from the bag. 4 of the 20 seeds germinated in 24-36 hours, the rest are just rotting away. I am open to any suggestions or comments. I personally think the seeds are at fault because I have never had this many problem germinating seeds ever.

i used your wet cardboard box idea yesterday! worked perfect! thanks!

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This look save-able?

Has it opened its leafs?


Do I need to tag you if it’s a reply? IDK how this forum syntax works.


Sour Raspberry Kush Auto from Wicked Pissah has survived and joined the family.

We also have a Reg Photo Seedsman Pure Kush that’s pushing out fat baby leaves.

I appreciate so much input.

I think I’ve got a system that will work with a heat coil cheapo fan that gets the temp up in a humidity dome kit with rooting cubes.

1 seed died due to trying to grow the wrong freaking way. The cube was really wet though on further inspection. Tried again. Good result with dryer cube, about 48 hours. Shell was stuck though. I’m gonna try soaking in water overnight, maybe 1 hydrogen peroxide, 1 not and then drop in cubes to see what happens.