Seed pops then don't grow




They certainly look good! :grinning: If the fresh air that you’re puling in from outside the tent is warm, then the inside of the tent will stay warm. But they look happy. Keep up the good work.


@raustin u were right they doubled in size…if I could just water them right I’d b good…



They look great, good job!


@raustin I used a ph meter it said 6.4 but this is the color pf run off ph. I made water 6.5-6.6 and im on week 5 on chart but not full strength I didn’t want to shock them. But I think ph is too high


I don’t use the drops, but if the meter says 6.4 then go by that, those drops are very unreliable. As long as the plants look ok then I think you’re good.


They are drooping I over watered them again I think


Can you post a pic?



Yeah, it does look overwatered, but other than that she looks fine.


@raustin If ph going in plant is 6.5-6.6 what should the run off be?

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Well, that all depends on what the ph is of the soil. So if the soil ph is 5.0, and you water with 6.5, then the ph out would be around 6.0. That’s why it’s important to record the numbers, so that you can try to target 6.5 each time you water.