Seed pods on my white widow autoflower

I saw male pods along the main stalk a few weeks back but they fell right off. Now im in the process of harverting and noticed a few clusters on 2 plants. Is this common with autoflowers? Grown indoors since September and only noticed it on 2 of 6 white widows. First time growing with ILGM AND VERY HAPPY!! They stayed little bushes for weeks then shot up 12 in a week and got really lanky then started flowering. Still a nice harvest and hoping for 8-12 ounces. Can i get some help on the seed pods please? And will they be feminized autoflower seeds ? Thanks!!

They’ll be fem autos but carry a tendency to produce male and female flowers.

I would do what you can to safely remove any male flowers from the plant by spraying them with plain water, removing (I’d axe the whole branch or bud site), and spraying the whole plant again with plain water.

You don’t want them opening the male flowers, the pollen will get everywhere and seedy weed is really no fun.


I had a branch do that very thing once. Caught it before any pollen spread. It was rubbing on the side of the tent and grew a couple dozen bananas before I cut it out. Was the only spot to do it. These plants are weird sometimes.
Those are male flowers and wont have seeds. But if they dropped any pollen you may find a seed or two elsewhere. And yes, if grown they will be prone to Hermie as well. Its a genetic trait.


Those are pollen sacs about to blow pollen all TF over your grow. THOSE ARE NOT SEEDS


I just re-read this again. We’re probably way too late with the advice. I’m curious to see when you report back if you find any/many seeds.

As @Borderryan22 and @Spiney_norman mentioned, those are male flowers, not seed pods. Leads me to believe you have seeds already, probably deep in your buds.


That cluster and another small one on the other plant and that was it. Plants are all done and hanging and havent noticed actual seeds. I threw those 2 branches in the fire pit because i didnt trust it. Just blew my mind to have those on my first grow of autoflowers from ILGM. I’ll report back if and when i find seeds but am not real happy about it. Especially if i get a bunch of seeded buds

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Not always ILGM’s fault, especially since it was your first grow it could be growers mistake. However in the long run…as long as it didn’t pollinate or create a lot of seeds you’re good :slight_smile:

Not on my end, thats for sure. Growing in the same tent for 2 years and 3 seed banks and never had this problem but hey, shit happens, and im not blaming anyone. I am not worried. I doubt it pollinated any of them. And if it did, yeah, that sucks but i make tinctures out of it so not a huge deal. I was just really surprised to see it and not sure if this was a common thing with the strain or any other factors that come into play. My wife loves the medical aspect of this strain for nerve and pain management in her feet so its great just to grow some again. Thanks ILGM! and i saw the “jump” on these happens often with shooting up after a few weeks.


If you find them open already then the damage is done. Everything in the tent got a taste. That looks far in with good trich development. I would water down anything young starting flower. If feel like it pull as many of the pollen pods as can AFTER wetting them. Too late to stress that he/she. Will still make fire smoke. Until sensemillia we always had beans in our weed. Toss the seeds. Not worth the chance of contaminating new grows. Just my thoughts. Have had several happen with bag seed.

Yep, everything got a taste all right🤬 seeds on every plant. Not alot but it really sucks. Thought they guaranteed to be feminized but i see a few people have had the same problems with the white widow so not sure. I have 14 more seeds and nervous now. Plus i gotta clean the whole tent out

They were fems. But cannabis is genetically able to self pollenate.
Any female cannabis plant can produce male flowers and pollenate itself.
Stress on the plant can factor in, but sometimes just a long flower period and it will.
Most of us have had it happen. Its nothing to do with the seeds.
Chalk it up to experience and keep on growing. Do your best to keep the grow area in a good constant environment. But rest assured no matter where you get seeds this will happen from time to time.


Some of my biggest surprises have come from some of my biggest mistakes. One of those seeds might be an amazing pheno, and worst case, free seeds are free seeds lol

This is another reason why I don’t do autoflowering plants. They are highly hybridized and twitchy. You can do everything right and they’ll still throw nanners. Doesn’t matter who supplied the seeds.


I just found a pod of bananas. Northern Lights Fem. But its late in flower, in fact its been done a week. Letting more amber come along for sedation. So it happens to all of us.