Seed order question?

So, I’ve ordered from directly from Robert in the past (almost 2 years ago) but before placing a new order this week, I went onto some forums and found LOADS of complaints about seed orders not coming through to people and the good support from ILGM suddenly going to shit once these guys payed for their order.

I read an alarmingly large amount of complaints over different forums and people are gradually starting to steer clear of this company and advising everyone else to do so. I’ve cancelled an order yesterday because of this and I’m very sceptical to order from here again because of what I’m reading more and more. What was surprising is that most of the complaints are from 2015 specifically.

I personally have been recommending this company to everyone since my 1st few dealings with Robert was so awesome. It was the best service of any company (not just seed companies but all businesses), and I was really impressed with the service, delivery and support. Emails were answered within 1 day and all questions were answered. I got the feeling that Robert really had the best customer service until I tried emailing a few questions a few months ago regarding the forums (I couldn’t post new topics). It took a few days to get any answers from anyone after multiple emails to different addresses and because of that I delayed ordering and bought clones locally instead. Now, about 3 months later I read all this negative experiences on multiple forums…this tells me that Robert no longer personally runs the business, which is fine, but I do think that it should at least still keep to its own policy which I see more and more that it isn’t.

Here is a link to “ONE” forum advising against using this site. I’ve gathered that ILGM forgets at times to ship, and also forgets to re-ship based on their gaurentee policy or they just slacking a lot these days.

I would like anyone who has recently purchased any small order of seeds to please let us know if there were any problems with the business as I am thinking of ordering from Nirvana as they seem to have good reviews. I would rather order from here though as my previous orders came through within 2 weeks and I’ve never used any other placed to buy seeds, but that was when Robert was personally answering emails and chatting to me directly…This is not a bad rep from my side, I would just like to order seeds, but obviously, if more than a hand full of people are starting to complain then there must be something up that will continue to get worse and that also means that after paying my cash, I’d have to sit and hope that I get my order because it seems like a 50/50 chance.

Please read and comment on the forum posts from the link…they all look legit.

Hi there Lyla. Yes it seemed like 2015 was not a good few months for ILGM
I ordered in April I think. Seeds never came, after 30 days they reshipped. I got the reshipped seeds in two weeks, but they got smashed in shipping, I sent Claire email they reshipped again. Got new seeds in 15 days. Every thing was there plus there were 2 extra seeds all in great shape. Every email I sent was answered in 24 hours except one that was sent on a Saturday. Got reply Monday. From what I see every thing is ok now. I will not order from anyone else. No one gives you 100% guarantee like ILGM.
I have seen a few bad reviews on different forums. But when I ask them for the email they said they have about bad service, I get no replies. There are a few threads in this forum about customer service in the end everyone is happy.
No I don’t work for ILGM. I could go on with more but I won’t.

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Notice in the link that the 1st page and a half, are mostly positive but then others start jumping in with their bad experiences. It seems that 50% of people have excellent experience with ILGM and the other 50% has negative experience. I am one of the former but I’m so scared to order again that’s why I started this post, just to calm my nerves before ordering because I really don’t want to deal with another company although I was advised to use Nirvana which I might.

Yeah I have the same feeling towards ILGM…Because of the excellent service I got a few years ago, I find it extremely difficult to purchase from any other place…just want to be sure that I don’t get the same experience like those on the forums…and like I said before, my initial reason for not buy 3 months ago was because I was battling to get a response after multiple emails to multiple email addresses about the support topics. I eventually had to post my question on someone else’s topic before getting a response and because of that I decided to wait a bit.

Thanks for the reply.

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Hi again. I think I will order seeds this time of year, reason being customs should not be looking for seeds, but that is just feelings. Lol. I’m sure you will be happy with order.

I decided to wait until any admins reply to this and maybe clarify why certain people get crappy treatment, no replys to multiple attempts via email, don’t get replacements, or orders don’t get shipped sometimes due to forgetfulness as claimed by some forum posters.

I can recognise a complainer pretty easily but if multiple different people who don’t know each other, have the same problem from the same company then there must be some sort of answer for it and if that company just brushes it off and doesn’t say why they accepted cash but haven’t stuck to their side of the deal without any explanation then that’s probably the worst service ever…if no other reply’s come through, then I probably won’t order from here again, even though most seem to be happy with the service. There’s obviously “human error” which is acceptable as nobody can get it right 100% of the time, but I’ve personally had communication problems with ILGM this year so I know something has changed in the last year or so.

If you gaurentee delivery, germination and offer great support, then suddenly, people don’t get the goods they paid for and your support quality goes down…then there’s definitely a problem.

Hope someone who works there would read the forum posts via the link and reply sometime .

My order, placed in August, went without difficulty, and I had the order in ~15 days or so. Three of the five seeds germinated. I have not contacted support yet to find out about replacing the two that didn’t germinate, (I think it’s done on a future order), but I will be ordering again.

As far as the forums, they are in line with most other forums I read, with helpful advice from a number of folks, and some good insights.

Hello Lyla,

First, people make a lot of assumptions about what must be happening behind the scenes at ILGM. Robert still runs the company and still breeds seeds. But Robert has also always been focused on writing his blog, and he and ILGM is working on developing even better grow support products in the very near future. Between the new projects, writing his blog, and his continued growing and breeding, and the fact that both Clair’s and Robert’s e-mails get flooded with so many e-mails now, they just can’t answer order related questions at those e-mails anymore, if they notice your individual e-mail at all.

All order inquiries should go to

This is a support site for growing, always has been always will be and this is stated in the forum welcome and description:

And unfortunately Robert and most anyone else from the Netherlands doesn’t have time to read these forum posts, that is why they have Latewood and myself. We however live in the USA, so hopefully we speak better english and can help our english speaking growers better, but this means Latewood and I have very little knowledge or details about how the seed store or other business in the Netherlands is run, and again we’d have to recommend and send you to the orders@ e-mail address.

We do talk to the guys in the Netherlands one on one sometimes but it is very rarely, and sorry, for obvious reasons we can’t give out any more other e-mails or risk them getting so flooded as well that they might also become nearly useless.

We did have some problems late last year and early this year that actually prevented a lot of transactions from going through. Everyone got their money back but many people did not get orders in the expected time frame because of this and a few other “growing” pains. But we have always kept many ,many customers very happy, Latewood and I wouldn’t work with them if we ourselves weren’t happy regular customers that successfully receive our orders every year, or even numerous orders per year.

Robert and Denis still do peek in here on occasion, but won’t likely see any of this for weeks, if not months, sorry. They are just so busy with everything else right now. Even Latewood and I sometimes have to step away for maybe as long as a week or more and might not be able to get back to you, after all we have our “real” lives to attend to.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks MACG. For getting this straighten out, I was going to send you a msg. If no one jumped in.

Thanks A LOT for you reply.

You have no idea how much it helps. Yes there are a lot of assumptions, but thanks for setting things straight.

is there a sister company in California, my order was declined and I got a call from California tonight asking to bill my card $55.00

Hi @Hytech72, yes we give a call routed through the US :smiley:

Hey, I have a question that you’d be able to help me with, normally when I order something online, a label is on it saying what it is. Now I was wondering if you label yours “marijuana growing seeds” cause that could get me in trouble if those were seen, because of the united states postal office being a federal government operated organization.

No, absolutely not. All packages are in a plain unmarked package, with the exception of normal address information.


That’s great to hear :blush: thank you.