Seed or Something Else?

Hello All,

Just noticed this on my White Widow, she is 51 day from the light flip. Any thoughts?



Welcome to the community!! I’m not sure what exactly that is but I gotta say those are some great pictures. What did you take them with.
@oldmarine @MeEasy @MidwestGuy can y’all help with this?

Go ahead a remove it for inspection. Just the seed(?)…

I would cut a couple of calyces off flower to see if there are seeds in them.

Hello @AxisCat , long time no see… I’m thinkin you have a rooster in the hen house :frowning: I’m about 99% sure you have at least one seed there

Thanks for the compliments… i use a 12 year old Sony DLSR with 30 year old Nikon bellows and lens…


Wow that is awesome :sunglasses:

Hi @MeEasy… hope you are taking care of yourself. I was afraid that might be the case. I plucked a cola yesterday and have been drying it just to have a lil smoke. When i get home from work later I will dig into it as well as this ‘pod’… Thanks!

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I’d remove just that small seed looking thing. And like others before me have said, inspect it further. Usually it can look like little bananas coming out the bud.

Beautiful pics btw

@meeasy, @JWhistler , @oldmarine , @Flitme… yep it is a seed, found a few more on this plant…

question now should I go ahead and take her? She is mostly cloudy with her trics… I haven’t dug into the other two yet to see if they got pollenated…


I’d let her go until when you were expecting to harvest…

I dissected some on the other two plants and no signs of seeds… I am guessing they have about 2 weeks left before harvest, this one with the seeds probably a week.

I looked back through some older pictures and came across this. I remember seeing it but convinced myself it was just a sugar leaf. What do you think? Nanner?


I don’t see a :banana: doesn’t mean there’s not one hiding inside that bud, or the one next to it. :banana: can grow inside a bud completely hidden from view you’d never see it unless you found it in your grinder by accident :flushed:

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I gotcha… I will probably never know what made this one turn hermie, I can’t think of anyway I stressed them out. For future reference what do I need to watch for to help avoid this?

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You don’t have to stress out a plant for them to get bananas, it’s mother nature’s way of continuing life, once a plant reaches a certain point in life that it thinks there’s no way it’s going to be pollinated it will make bananas. Obviously not all of them will do it but all of them can

Edit = and because it probably happened naturally and it was bananas and not a true hermie the seeds will be perfectly fine to grow and will be females… of course there’s a million to one shot that you carried some pollen into the tent with you and pollinated them, or some pollen floated through your house from your neighbors plant and pollinated it

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Very useful info my friend. As always I appreciate your wisdom and advice. Hopefully one of these days I will be experienced enough to give back to the community like all of you do.