Seed not germinating

My seeds are not germinating. I tried happy frog soil for a week & nothing. Been in paper towel for 2 weeks still nothing

Can you provide details as to the process you are using for germination? Amazing people here and lots of knowledge but need more info to be able to help!

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In a coffee mug add 1/4 cup of distilled water (very important) and to that add 1/2 tsp of 3% peroxide. Drop seed in solution and place in a warm dark place (cable box is what I use) and let soak. Every 24 hours add another 1/2 tsp of peroxide. This helps to soften husk and adds O to the water for the sprout as well as keep the area sterile. Seeds can take up to a week to crack. If seeds are old you can drag it along a nail file to score the husk; making it easier for the seedling to rupture.

Once seed shows a tail, plant 1/3" deep in a nutrient-free medium like coco. Water with distilled and do so very sparingly. I recommend misting a clear Solo cup and doing that twice a day. No additional water needed as seedlings derive moisture from the air rather than out of soil (no tap root yet).

Hope that helps.


@Northerngreenthumb I Started 5 in the happy frog soil (organic) in clear soil cups. Watered with distilled water; and covered in plastic bags [room temp about 75-77 degrees] They didn’t germinate after about 9 days.(I usually go straight to soil for germinating photos never had an issue) This is my 1st time with autoflower I got from ilgm. So I removed 2 of em from the HF media did the wet paper towel method with them… They grew tails after about 4 days. So it em back in the media (now sprouting) did the same with the remaining 3 & 2 weeks later… still seeds!

Thanks. Will try!

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Looks like @Myfriendis410 has get you covered so ill step aside…welcome to the forum!!!


Thanks I appreciate your response

Worked like a charm!! I filed 4 including the one that wouldn’t germinate & last night… ALL TAILS! Thanks for the advice! @Myfriendis410

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