Seed Not Germinating Please Help

It’s on day 9, and the other 3 sprouted after 2 days. How long should I give it before calling it quits?

You could always very carefully go digging for it.

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How many days would you normally give it before digging for it? I’ve never had a seed take this long lol

I have no luck with seeds. But I’ve dug a few up with success. I get impatient after a few days. If it’s on the move you’ll see it. Otherwise the end up twisted or rotted

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Ph water 5.8 with 2.5 ml of seaweed extract plus with iron and fish :fish: and place them in a the solution to sink or in a paper towel soaked in a zip lock bag , put in a warm , cool , dark place, and 3-5 days you should have a nice tap root poking out ready to phuck some dirt hole :hole:buddy.

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Thanks! I’m gonna try this next :grin: