Seed mixup- possibly not autoflower NL under 20/4 light cycle?

I’m wondering if a regular Photo period plant can be under the same light cycle (20/4) as my auto NL’s? Apparently 1 of the 5 seeds I got doesn’t look anything like my other 4 NL’s, leaves are wider & the plant is smaller/bushier but I have only my one shed to grow them in right now so will this hurt the plant?
Thanks so much for any advice.

When growing from seed, even with tons of back crossing in the breeding for genetic stability, you might find some phenotype variation. You might kind of think of it as as even though all seeds had the exact same parents, for some reason out of many children, only one child looks like maybe the spitting image of a great grandparent on one side of the family. It could very well still be the right seed from the same parent as the rest of these seeds and the aforementioned genetics caused or contributed to this plants gene expression, there is something called epigentics that could also be a contributor along these lines.

Hope this helps and happy growing.



Thanks, so I shouldn’t worry about it & just carry on I suppose? It’s weird because what happened was 2 seeds planted on the same day (8/7) one grew like normal, the other struggled for many weeks & barely growing but now seems like it’s trying to catch up to the other one although half the size, looks so unlike the other 4 NL’s, wide leaves, short bushy but healthy at least.
Thanks again for your response, I do appreciate it!
best regards, Mari