Seed Issues with 2 separate orders

I’ve never did this before ordering beans from a bean bank I’m little Worried about paying so much for Magic beans Hope your all Right and with that said I’m going to have to change my thought process

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I hope you’ll find that everything works out ok. And if by chance it doesn’t, ILGM is pretty darn good at making things right for their customers. They are easy to work with if it turns out you have issues with the seeds.

I just contacted ILGM for support, Five Little bugers did not make the Grade, I got Faith in what you Say :smiley:

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Hope this seed issue will be quickly resolved. Please let us know the outcome!

it was quickly resolved. Well I just got 10 Replacement Today! your awesome ILGM support you came through and you guarantee of your Beans, I already planted one the same day I received (today)


Haven’t had any real issues I always suspect your not going to get 100% germination regardless. I am wondering how long they will honor replacements? Kinda went overboard and ordered 150 when they went on sale… only grow 4 or so every 3 months (and clone in case I really like the pheno) so gonna be awhile before I’ve grown 3/4 of every strain. Not worried about it atm 4/5 of the first ones germinated so assuming all’s well but did wonder… can you call in 5 years?? :see_no_evil:


Good question! I store my holdover seeds in an airtight aluminum case with screw on cap designed to keep products waterproof while camping. I have an outside refrigerator which doesn’t get opened too much and keep the case in the bottom drawer. Some folks say the seeds will remain viable for years.

All in all with multiple strains across the board, I’d estimate I get 90% with ILGM seeds. I think that germination rate is pretty decent.

Same I’ve got enough for a couple years in a air tight container and the rest are in a jar and then that jar is vacuum sealed and kept at the bottom in my gun case that’s in a closet (cool air sinks mindset). I’m fully expecting them to keep for 10+ years in that environment

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Alright. I put mine in something airtight and in the fridge. They’ve been sitting on the bookshelf until just now lol

I’m pretty out of it lately.