Seed Issues with 2 separate orders


For the first time, I think I have problems with seeds I ordered form ILGM. BUT…I don’t think I need to fault ILGM - just yet.

I am soaking 6 seeds - 3 White Widow autos and 3 Northern Lights autos. These seeds were in separate orders and not shipped together…I think a couple of months apart. I noted one seed from each strain (2 seeds) seemed to fall apart while soaking and the husk softened. They literally fell apart and white center of the seeds were floating in the soak water as the seed literally came apart from the husk in 24 hours.

I dropped a couple more seeds to see what happens next. It seems that the seeds may have been crushed in shipping, but they looked fine when they arrived. This puzzles me especially since they were in 2 separate packages.

Has anyone else had this happen…wonder what is wrong??

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Seeds do get crushed and sounds like that’s what happened. ILGM will make good on them.


Thanks! I plan to check my germination ratio on the other seeds before I contact them. I have heard ILGM is especially upfront with situations like this, and one of the main reasons I have faith in my orders. Since the seeds literally came apart when the husk softened, I can only think a postal machine may have crushed them when applying the postmark. This makes the most sense. Thanks friend!!


Those plants that sprouted in less than 24 hours will hopefully be quick growers :wink:


Wouldn’t be first time something like that happened. Those damn mail sorters can be hard on them.


I remember that one…funny!

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No smoking?!!? I quit!! I never liked this job anyway. lol

Speaking of smoking I’m about to go outside and enjoy the fruits of my labors. Because its Thursday and why the f#ck not?


ENJOY!! You (WE) deserve it!!!


@MT3 @ILGM.Support.Stacy should be able to help with your seed issues if you haven’t contacted them already

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Are you in Aus?


Thank you @Hogmaster. I’ll contact @ILGM.Support.Stacy for input. There is obviously damage from shipping since I find it unusual to have only a 30% germination rate with ILGM’s seeds. From 10 seeds, only 3 sprouted and are now seedlings. Crushed or damaged in shipping is my guess.


Thank you very much @Hogmaster. While I experienced shipping issues that we feel damaged some seeds, ILGM’s support team (Zoe) was responsive in a very short time to make good on the damaged seeds. We have a make good order in transit now, so we hope for better luck with handling from the postal system this time around.

While shipping damage is clearly not the fault of ILGM, it is an excellent business retention model for ILGM to make good on the damage. I appreciate this very much, and while we don’t wish for damaged items, it is warming to see that ILGM takes customer service to the highest level. This commitment will keep me exclusive to ILGM.


That’s why I love them they make good on there word and @ILGM.Support.Zoe is awesome thanks for the update @MT3


I received 10 seeds of Indica in two separate packs of five a few days ago and two seeds are white and the size are very small, through my experience Indica seeds are at lest 1/8 inch round the one’s I received where 1/16 inch round they look like just plain Hemp seeds this my first time Dealing with ILGM and I’m going do ILGM’s directions for Germinating and will see what Happens I all ready know the two white one’s won’t be Germinating

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@Mick2 - it may be worth trying the two smaller white seeds to see what happens. Sometimes big things come out of small packages.


Sometimes big things come out of small packages. when it comes indica seeds i don’t Belive that statement, All ten where small and yes I put the white ones in water an Hour ago will see what happens?


I’ve never known size of the seed to be an issue. I’ve grown plenty of small white seeds that became great plants. Don’t knock em til you try em :wink::v::bear:


I went thru this same exact thought process just recently when ILGM sent 5 seeds and one of them looked half the size of the others and anemic in color. I thought for sure it was a dud purely based on my comparison with the other more “normal” looking seeds. But this little fighter has proved me wrong in every way. It is holding it’s own against the seeds twice the size, and in fact, I cant tell any difference in the size of the plants or the growth patterns at this point.


thanks for your input, I’m Knocking the Size of the seed ,Will See what happens