Seed hull stuck on sprout

my little helmet head Delilah is coming right along. trying to promote root growth now. she looks happy so Im happy.

Her sister Chloe is filling out. I burnt this one real bad with fertilizer, then followed it up with letting her dry out to much. Her scars are a testimony to just how tough and enduring these plants seem to be. I have a net trellis coming but dont plan to use it this grow, but I now know the importance of it. Im just gonna continue to use my spidey web building skill to see Chloe thru.

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my lil helmet head Delilah seems to be coming along a little slower than my last plant of her strain. She seems healthy so Im happy. I had to move her closer to the main light because she was reaching for a supplement light I had going. Thats why she is now propped up. That and the fact that my temps are running about 5 degrees less than last time are probably factors also.


Nice goin! You seedling is gonna pass mine now, I overwatered :face_vomiting: probably losing a week. Cant get above 25C or high 70s F so it’s not drying fast.

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