Seed hasn’t done a thing

I ordered the Super Autoflower Mix from ILGM. Soaked 2 seeds of each variety. The Girl Scout cookies and gorilla glue have all sprouted been planted and going. The 2 Bruce banner seeds have done nothing after 9 days of soaking. What now

I’m pretty sure they are guaranteed. Contact them for replacements I think is what I’ve heard other have done.

I wouldn’t soak any seed longer than 18-20 hours. Then switch to wet paper towel
with a little heat to get them to germinate. Any longer than 24 hours the germination chance
goes down because it still needs oxygen. (That’s just my experience, not a statement of fact).


The first seeds that came up were 1 Girl Scout cookies, and one gorilla glue, after 72 hours. The other 2 were 24-72 hours later.

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Yes only soak in water for 18 to 24 hrs then into paoer toweks for the remainder til the sprout a tail. I keep a heating pad under ple plate i have the seeds germing on to keep it a bit warm. Can always try to set them in paoer towel and keep paper towel wet til they sprout try and keep the plate a dlight bit warm as the heat helps germination.

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You can add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide to a cup of water. It introduces more oxygen and aids in germination. Warm dark placement for 24 hours. Seeds should drop to the bottom of cup. Tails shouldn’t be far behind.

I disagree. I use peroxide in with my soak water (distilled) and refresh the peroxide daily until seed cracks. I’ve had old seeds take as long as a week to start. But they start.

Contact Customer Service and they will replace them.


I do add a cap full of peroxide also but i wont keave the seed in water for more than 24 hrs i put in paoer towel after 24 hrs at most. Not sure if u can really drown the seeds or not but not really taking the chances either lol. Too dang expensive anymore lol

I do the exact same thing. Water with hydrogen peroxide and change out daily if needed until they crack open and then plant


Now you know my reasoning why I soak up to a week. The paper towel method does not nor has it ever worked well for me. Peroxide adds O to the water which improves germination.


So is it that they will drown after they shoot a tail not as a seed itself ? Ive only had problems getting a few fem seeds to sprout so far 3 of 7 are good 4 would not budge after 2 weeks of keeping them soaked. 3 more to go before i can send the duds back according to they ilgm seed place they want to finish the seeds so it is a one time thing for the seeds not in multiples which i can understand. Gonna drop them 3 this weekend to see what happens hopefully good and i only gotta send back 4

I’ve gotten a lot of seeds from ILGM over the years and IIRC I had one Jack Herer fem seed fail to start.

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I stick to what is recommended in the Bergman germination guide.

My experience with anything that has a guarantee is that if you exceed or surpass the
recommendations for any one process, you might forfeit whatever guarantee is attached
to said products. That doesn’t mean I don’t agree with you to a certain degree. I’ve had seeds
soak for 20 hours and still take 6 days in the wet napkin to split or germinate.

Up to this point I’ve been following what the guide says and haven’t been disappointed thus
far. I did have a few seeds that didn’t split but that was to my own error or forgetfulness so I
can’t blame anyone but myself.

@Myfriendis410 @Mark0427
This is my theory on the water soaking and my experience. I will soak my seeds until they sink, once they sink I take them out within 24 hours. I think that if they don’t sink water can’t get into them and they won’t grow. This is why it may be okay to soak in water for multiple days, as long as they don’t sink. I’ve never had a seed that didn’t sink sprout. There’s no factual information behind this, this is just my theory and experience lol.


It’s a theory lol.


I wonder if i threw the 4 that didnt germ in water again if any luck will happen lol. Wonder if anyone has tried it let them dry then soak again.

I got 3 more wonder if i should drip them now. I have 12 in solos now but some may be males lol.