Seed Harvest Question

Hey all, I’ve pollinated one of my girls for a seed harvest. In everything I’ve been able to find, nothing explains when it’s ready. She’s 7 weeks in.

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Grow it like your gonna smoke it … you won’t over cook them if anything you can undercook them …dont want that


@fano_man thanks man. Dry it and everything?

Yea you can keep the bud to man u never smoked some seedy weed and had to pick out tons of seeds… the weed looks good usually not as good as it could be because seed production trumps thc content in the plants drive for reproduction but those seeds u find in your weed can grow into this

that’s allllll bag seed didn’t buy a single seed all collected outta good bud not everytime is a winner but the idea when you get alot if regular seeds …odds are there not all the cream of the crop so you plant a bunch pick your favorite rub the stalks they will smell precursor to what the end product could be… take your face one or 2 keep separate and clone it … seed up that plant to start breeding desirable traits survival of the fittest you know


@fano_man dang man, maybe not that big, but that’s where I want to go with it. Self sufficient with something I’ve cultivating.

That was my 4th location I did that one big 10k$+ over 6grand just in lights was a full time job for sure

That opposite was set up to pop out 3/4 to a lb a week got plug pulled when I was succeeding to well…
That’s the custom lights I built I made 4x 450$ each very nice veg specific lights
And those are moms and all clones it was 192plant perpetual flower and 48nin veg and 100 clones at all times