Seed growth failure

Some times ago I had a thread going about some failed seeds. I had 8 that failed and still had some to grow. My 9th plant was odd looking and growing very slowly. When it was over my odd looking Gorilla Glue turned out to be a male and it knocked up my Girls Scouts. Now I have more seeds than when I started but non will grow. Can that equal 10 duds?

Jim Roache

I would say it depends on what led up to the failure of the first 8. Did they germinate and sprout? If so, how many weeks did they stay alive? Indoor/outdoor? What kind of setup? What were they fed? Lots of factors before considering duds. Was your male a male from beginning of flower, or was it a female that turned into a Hermie???

Sorry I just reread and thought of this and figure they never germed? What kind of process were using? I’m a beginner on my first grow and ask to learn and hope to help as well.

Hi can someone tell me if i must start pruning and what do they recommend. This is my first indoor grow

Im growing under 400w full spectrum and this is 4 weeks now. Please any advice will be appreciated