Seed growing question

Hey everybody.! So I know leaving a plant in the dark before harvesting helps (apparently) increase thc from the stress it create. Will it work the same for finishing seeds that are almost ready? Most of the seeds look ripe but some aren’t quite there yet.

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If you grew the plant just for the seeds, then I would wait until seeds are ready. Because from what I understand, once a bud is seeded, it stops producing thc (tricomes) and focuses on just finishing the seeds


I can only speculate, but I’d let the plant finish under the flowering light cycle until the seeds you’re growing look like the parent seeds. I believe the calyxes open up a little as well.

If the seeds aren’t feminized I’d give the finished plant 48 hours of dark and then harvest. Then I’d harvest the seeds and probably make water hash or edibles out of the plant material.

If colloidal silver was applied I would not ingest the seeded herb. The only reason to leave the plants in the dark, as it’s been explained to me, is to maximize the volatile terpenoids which would otherwise be diminished by powerful lights. I don’t have reason to believe the darkness would benefit seeds in any way.

My speculation is based on comments by Danny Danko, Greg Green, and Dr. MJ Coco on the topics of seeds and also harvesting.

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That’s great info. Thank you

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